Yo WhatsApp Download APK for IOS (iPhone) Latest Version 8.9.0 Official

Yo Whatsapp IOS is the perfect alternative for those who just can’t get enough of using WhatsApp on their iOS devices. Yo WhatsApp features all of your favorite messenger features, like group chats and voice messages – which will make it easier than ever before to keep in touch with friends! The developer behind this new modded version had been planning its release since last year when he noticed many people were asking if there was an official app apart from Android or Blackberry versions available for them, so here we are today: A fully featured YO Whatapp iOS application made specifically by Apple users themselves. You can download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK for IOS(iPhone) for free

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What is Yo WhatsApp Download APK for IOS (iPhone)Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp APK is an application that can be downloaded from any third-party website. The features of Yo Whatsapp are more updated and it’s super easy to use; however, downloading this app may give you some trouble because there have been cases where users had installed viruses on their mobile devices due to the fact these apps don’t come with virus protection built-in like what we find within official versions of Facebook for instance. The most important thing before installing anything onto your phone or tablet should always involve looking at its rating first – usually found right next door beside “get” if available but sometimes under different headings such as Safety.

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Download Yo WhatsApp APK for IOS (iPhone) Latest Version:

Yo WhatsApp APK for IOS (iPhone) – Application Information:

Application NameYO WhatsApp APK
LicenseFree Ware
Android Requirement4.0+ Android
File Size50MB
File CategorySocial App
Root RequiredNo
Total Downloads100,000+
Last Update1 Day Ago

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Features of YO WhatsApp APK:

The developer of Yo WhatsApp makes it better than the original version for various reasons. First, they developed this app to eradicate problems faced by users who are utilizing both personal and professional needs within their own lives; second is how quickly updates can be pushed out into our device with just one click on behalf of them providing peace-of-mind knowing that future bugs will not possibly pop up again thanks so much!

Customized Themes:

Have you ever been looking for a new theme on WhatsApp but couldn’t find anything that suited your taste? Well, now there is an app with over 4000 themes to choose from! You can download and install these APKs directly onto the messenger so they’ll always be available when boredom strikes.

Themes range anywhere from green as usual up to colorful designs like unicorns jumping out at us while bowling in lanes lined by trees covered heavily against snowfall during wintertime

Multiple Languages:

There are several ways you can chat with people in different languages. You have hundreds of options, from which to choose the one that matches your needs best! If someone is from another country and I want them to communicate only through my desired language then we will be able to do so by using Yo Whatsapp’s multiple language feature – just make sure all participants install this app onto their devices too (though it isn’t required).

Privacy and Security:

WhatsApp’s security measures are among the best in terms of privacy and protection. You can secure your chats with a fingerprint, pattern, or any password to keep them safe from prying eyes

The only downfall is you cannot hide messages if they’ve been read by someone else but at least most people have unlimited storage on their account so these concerns shouldn’t bother anyone too much!

Chat Pins:

You can pin about 1000’s of the chats in a WhatsApp conversation. The original version only allows for up to 100 pins, but this new apk has increased that limit greatly!


With the updated IOS WhatsApp, you can chat with anyone without being banned. The anti-ban feature of this version makes it more valuable than before because now users can enjoy chatting freely knowing that their numbers won’t be blocked by WhatsApp in return!

Change in colors:

This feature is very useful as it allows you to change the color of your ticks and make Whatsapp more amazing. You can also remove any confusion regarding messages sent, but this isn’t available on the original WhatsApp platform yet!

File sharing:

The file and data sharing feature of WhatsApp is a very essential part that needs improvement with the original version. The capacity for it in typical messaging apps like this one is limited, so there’s room to grow here as well!

The new WhatsApp upgrade enables you to send up to 700MB of files and videos. With this change, heavy data is no longer an issue with the app as it can be sent in one simple step instead of having multiple downloads or installations required before uploading large attachments like pictures from your digital camera roll onto a phone via the iTunes File Sharing feature which would take ages if not impossible because they’re too big. It also works for short messages – sending more than 100 KB per message but less than 1 MB.

Hide Last Seen:

On WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen and online status from people. If you are using this app on the yo-mobile device then there is a simple way to do so by simply tapping the one-touch option in the settings menu that makes life more private than the original version of WhatsApp for those who need it. This article will discuss how? What exactly does hiding mean when we’re talking about WhatsApp APK etc.”

Emoji Variations:

One of the most exciting features of WhatsApp is its emoji selection. They have a variety that can be used to express your emotions or personalize conversations, and it’s not just for teenage users – people all over are using these characters as well! Now developers follow suit with updates on their platform; there appears to be great variation within each app store because we see much more than what was available at first glance: Facebook Messenger has some exclusive emoticons too such as “cat face.” The Yo Store even offers similar options from other services like Youtube., though I guess you could say this one comes standard since they share the same catalogs between messaging apps (FM+WhatsApp).

Contact Details:

You can send the message without saving their contact details. This option isn’t available with WhatsApp’s original version, but we’re working on it! The developers are trying hard so that this app will be more impressive and do everything as good or better than what comes before–but there’s still work left to do because you don’t need a saved number for sending messages anymore (you just add someone in your contacts).


The best way to get back data from a previous version of WhatsApp is by restoring your backup with the original app. There’s no need to worry if you have an old copy because it will sync up perfectly! The only thing left now is installing the app and uninstalling any other versions before starting this process so don’t forget about that too. Restoring can take some time but once finished all messages sent in between should be available again on both devices – even those erased long ago.


The YOWA has a weekly update feature as it is constantly being updated with new information. If anything changes or becomes available, the developer instantly adapts their program to make sure users are always up-to-date on all changes so that they can use this application more effectively for themselves

Dual Whatsapp:

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging app that you can use to chat with your friends. The best part of WhatsApp is the ability for two different accounts on one phone, so no matter who’s WiFi connection drops or what else happens in-between messages; they will still receive them! In addition, this great feature allows many more interesting options like changing group names and limiting members per thread – perfect if 500 people aren’t enough but 250 just won’t cut it either way again thanks very much 🙂

No Rooting:

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp without rooting your phone. You’ll enjoy features like setting wallpaper for chats and sending messages to 100 people at once, rather than just one person as before!

  • The speed of the yo WhatsApp APK theme is improved to an extent.
  • The icon style and font style can also be changed, and also can use those of your desire.
  • Disable the calling feature for the people from whom you don’t want to hear.
  • Also can hide the profile picture from the contacts.
  • You can send a high-resolution image to the people without any problem.
  • The themes can autosave on your device. Moreover, you can set the wallpapers as well.
  • Cool bubbled wallpaper is another updated feature.

Differences between official WhatsApp VS Yo WhatsApp:

This is one of the most demanding questions rises. when you are finding the APK then you also tend to search the comparison between the official WhatsApp and the APK for which you are searching. Here is a complete detailed comparison between the official WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp APK

Key FeaturesOfficial WhatsAppYo WhatsApp
Hide Online StatusX
Airplane ModeX
Add Custom Fonts/StickersX
Themes SupportedX
Status Character LengthMaximum 139Maximum 255
Freeze Last SeenX
Disable Forwarded TagX
Disable/Customize CallingX
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesX
Security LockX
Fully CustomizeX

Downloading & Installation Guide of Yo WhatsApp APK for IOS(iPhone)

To install the Yo Whatsapp APK, you need to have an android phone with a strong Internet connection. To make sure that your device is compatible and up-to-date with the newest version of this app click here!

Steps to install YoWhatsApp iOS

The following are the steps.

  • You must go to iTunes and download YoWhatsApp
  • After downloading YoWhatsApp, it will install itself automatically.
  • trust the application before using it on your phone.
  • You can find a profile by going into settings and selecting General > Profiles & Device Management then finding “YoWhat App Profile”.
  • On there that needs to trust the screen instructions.
  • Once complete enjoy the Application. 

Frequently Asked  Questions:

What is yo Whatsapp?

Yo, WhatsApp is an awesome and easy-to-use messaging app that has more features than the original version. It’s perfect for personal or professional use.

How can I download yo Whatsapp?

  • To download Yo WhatsApp App there is a downloading link given below the post.
  • You can download WhatsApp from this site by clicking on it.
  • Which will take you through installing an app onto your device.
  • Register your phone number and verify the code to create an account.

To download and install the Yo WhatsApp simply do so simply follow these steps: Go here first; click “Download Now“. Then choose whether either iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad — whichever applies then select the iTunes Wi-Fi sync option when prompted after deciding what kind of installation method would suit best.

Is it safe to use yo WhatsApp IOS?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, we have discussed the downloading and installation process of Yo WhatsApp APK for Windows/PC. You can follow all the instructions to download and install the Yo WhatsApp on your desktop/PC. The latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK for IOS(iPhone) is a free download.

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