Yo WhatsApp APK Download for Android Latest Version (Anti-Ban) 2022

In this article, we tell you which process you can download WhatsApp on your android devices. And enjoy the features like hiding or concealing your activity, fast connection better security. Whatsapp has different mod versions like aero WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp gold, etc. yo WhatsApp is also a mod version of official WhatsApp. Using this WhatsApp on android devices cost you nothing because it is free to use. For using any mod version of WhatsApp or the official one on a smartphone you need the only internet. Yo WhatsApp provides you with very chill features. You can download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK for the android latest version for windows

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What is Yo WhatsApp for Android:Yo WhatsApp APK

Yo WhatsApp has been developed by Yousef Al-Basha. He developed some new features which are not in other modified versions of WhatsApp. Due to the high profile features yo WhatsApp millions of people use this modified app. you can use yo WhatsApp on any device mean smartphones, computers PC, laptops, and even apple devices. After yo WhatsApp update new features are added to this WhatsApp.so we will suggest you for better security and privacy you need to download yo WhatsApp on your smartphone and enjoy the latest versions features on your android devices. Yo WhatsApp APK for the android latest version for windows

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Download YoWhatsApp APK File Version:

Application NameYO WhatsApp APK
LicenseFree Ware
Android Requirement4.0+ Android
File Size50MB
File CategorySocial App
Root RequiredNo
Total Downloads100,000+
Last Update1 Day Ago

Download the Yo WhatsApp APK file:

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Yo WhatsApp features for Android:

Yo WhatsApp gives you some amazing features like hiding status, activity, and profile and providing more themes, wallpapers, changing front and background, customization, and many more features. And some important features like better security and virus-free app and with storage cleaning option. And better size and length of sharing files. The complete detail of the yo WhatsApp features explained blew.

UN has seen your last seen:

Using the yo WhatsApp you can enjoy the feature of unseen your last seen. Sometimes you don’t want to show your contact which time you are online before because he can see your last seen. YO WhatsApp provides you the option of unseen. While you enabled the option your contacts won’t be able to see your last seen.

Invisible status view:

Along with unseen your last seen yo WhatsApp also provides you another amazing function of invisible of your status view. Today everyone uploads status and want to be invisible from your friend yo WhatsApp gave you this function along with this yo WhatsApp also provides you that you have seen his status but he doesn’t know whether you have seen his status or not. After enabling the option in the setting of yo WhatsApp you can enjoy the invisible status view feature.

Anti–removed massages:

This WhatsApp provides you with another amazing feature of anti-removed massages. If your contacts or anyone massage you and then remove it. But if you are using yo WhatsApp then you can see the deleted messages because this WhatsApp gives you the option to enable it and enjoy the feature.

Yo theme store:

Yo WhatsApp provides you an amazing function of themes that will customize your screen you will find multiple themes nearly 300 themes accessible in the yo theme store to download and apply. with these themes you will never be bored.

Customize the conservation screen:

Yo WhatsApp will help you by providing better screen conservation. You need to select the wallpaper which one you like select instead of wallpaper you can also use the picture on the conservation screen. You can also change the message text color, background, and many more.


This app provides you with another important feature. Some of the phones have low storage so you have to delete the old chats to make some space for the new ones but yo WhatsApp provides you an option which deleted the old messages by yourself you need nothing just enable the option.

Different Languages:

Yo WhatsApp gives you multiple languages pick your favorite one and enjoy it. With different languages like Spanish, Italian, etc. yo WhatsApp gives you translation of the languages which will help you to understand the language and also during the conservation. Yo WhatsApp provides languages from other mod versions.

Contact online notification:

This feature is an important one that is not found in the other mod versions. Sometimes you want to massage a friend but he is active. Yo WhatsApp has the option that whenever your friends are online you will be notified that your contact is online which a good feature is. If you love to use the feature then download it to your android device. Not available in other mod and official WhatsApp.

Conceal date and time while copying massages:

This WhatsApp is another important feature that while coping massages in official WhatsApp the along with massage these date and time copied as well. Yo WhatsApp gave you the option to conceal the date and time while copying the messages.

Theme resources:

In any WhatsApp, themes are very important for customization. Yo WhatsApp gives you several amazing themes accessible in the library of themes that are good for customization. If you love to change the screen customization daily then use yo WhatsApp and enjoy the feature of a wide range of themes that are provided by YO WhatsApp. You can also invent a theme zip file and yo WhatsApp provides you autosave option and also permit you can share these themes through a zip file to other devices.

Call privacy:

Yo WhatsApp gives you some exceptional features. Call privacy is also one of yo WhatsApp’s exceptional features. This feature is often not found in other mod versions of WhatsApp. Call privacy means that you have the option to select who can call you. as you say that this feature is very useful.

Sharing media files:

Whatsapp is the app in which you can also send media files along with messages and calls. Similarly, using yo WhatsApp you can share media files. You can share video with HD quality with your contacts. With yo WhatsApp, you can send videos up to a length of 700Mb size in one massage. You can share 10 clear HQ-quality photos in one massage. The official WhatsApp does not give you this amazing feature. Media file sharing is almost accessible in all mod versions but yo WhatsApp provides you with a good length and size of media files.

Privacy for groups and chat:

Along with call privacy yo WhatsApp also provides you another option that you can also set privacy on your groups and chat as well. This provides you with more privacy or private chat or conservation. So we may say that this WhatsApp or yo WhatsApp gives you a very secure privacy system. Due to some extra privacy people love to use yo WhatsApp.so that is why yo WhatsApp users increase day by day.


Some people use a lot of emojis in conservation because emojis make the conservation glacial. Yo WhatsApp provides you with hundreds of emojis with new and unique one which is not accessible in other mod versions like GB WhatsApp, blue WhatsApp, etc.

Status description:

Some WhatsApp users love to upload a status every day because WhatsApp status disappears after every 24 hours. in status, you can upload anything like videos or photos and even you can write words. On official WhatsApp, you can upload the status of a 30-second video and 50 to 60 words for writing. Using Yo WhatsApp your status is up to 3 to 4 minutes and in words, it might be 250 words. so if you love to upload status then I suggest you take advantage of this feature of yo WhatsApp and install it on your device. The installation process is explained later in this post.

Profile information:

Yo WhatsApp provides you with another exceptional feature you can save your name in your bio and even set a profile picture in which size you want you can use it. You can use a zoom profile picture. Along with zoom picture if you want to conceal your profile picture from your contacts then need not worry yo WhatsApp provides you the option to conceal your profile.

Security system:

All types of mod versions have good security. Yo WhatsApp also provides you with a better security system. You can lock your WhatsApp with a fingerprint, pattern, password, etc. With these locks, your data and private chat are going to be safe. And this security system added privacy to yo WhatsApp. Overall yo WhatsApp is an amazing app with unique features.

Some Additional features for YO WhatsApp’s latest version:

  • Conceal online status.
  • Conceal blue ticks.
  • Unique themes.
  • You have the option to change the app icon.
  • Conceal your activity.
  • Anti-deleted massages.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Authorize group call.
  • Better security.

The essentials for the installation of Yo Whatsapp:

  • First of all, you need a device like android, Windows, and IOS.
  • With the device, you also need an internet connection.
  • For the mod version installation, you need to delete the official one.

The step-by-step installation process of Yo Whatsapp:

  • First of all open your android, window, or apple device and connect it with the internet connection.
  • Go to chrome and search for the Yo WhatsApp after getting the results of yo WhatsApp you need to click the button of download to start the downloading of yo WhatsApp.
  • After this delete the official WhatsApp. Before deleting you need to copy-paste or back up your data.
  • After that app already downloads to your device and starts the installation after clicking the install button.
  • After some time yo WhatsApp is installed on your device.
  • Enter your WhatsApp number edit your name in your bio and further recover you’re after pasting your data in the new WhatsApp.
  • Now yo WhatsApp is installed on your device and now you can enjoy the features and app on your device.

Comparison between official WhatsApp VS Yo WhatsApp:

This is one of the most demanding questions rises. when you are finding the APK then you also tend to search the comparison between the official WhatsApp and the APK for which you are searching. Here is a complete detailed comparison between the official WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp APK

Key FeaturesOfficial WhatsAppYo WhatsApp
Hide Online StatusX
Airplane ModeX
Add Custom Fonts/StickersX
Themes SupportedX
Status Character LengthMaximum 139Maximum 255
Freeze Last SeenX
Disable Forwarded TagX
Disable/Customize CallingX
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesX
Security LockX
Fully CustomizeX

Frequently asked the question:

What is yo Whatsapp? 

Yo WhatsApp is an advanced massaging app with some excellent features which make it very different from other mod versions. Yo WhatsApp provides some exciting features like emojis themes privacy status and profile information and many more functions to enjoy

How to download yo Whatsapp?

Yo WhatsApp downloading information given above in this article. Shortly we tell you the process is that yo WhatsApp is not founded in the play store you need to download it from chrome or the very easy website. The further downloading process is mentioned above read carefully if you want to download.

Is yo WhatsApp free to use?

Yo WhatsApp is completely free to use. You need not worry about using this application you need to pay anything. For this, you only need an internet connection. Otherwise, it is completely free to use. So for the enjoying features of the yo WhatsApp download it on your device and enjoy the features.

Is yo WhatsApp safe?

Definitely yes, using yo WhatsApp you need not worry it is safe and secure. Yo WhatsApp provides you with better security. And your data is going to be safe from viruses because it is virus-free. Yo WhatsApp has a better security and privacy system.

Final judgment:

In this post, there is a brief detail about yo WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp provides you features that are needed by everybody and also not accessible on the official WhatsApp.better security, private chat, the number of themes, hiding options, and many more. Any objection contacts us through social media.

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