WhatsApp Mix APK for Android Download Version 2022 11.0.0 Anti-Ban

WhatsApp is an app that people love to use on their android devices like smartphones. Whatsapp is used by everyone because in this modern era people love to use the advanced way for conservation through massages, calls (video and audio) and use voice recording for massaging instead of writing, and many more. All these features or functions are accessible on WhatsApp. Now so many improved versions developed for WhatsApp with extra and unique features. download WhatsApp Mix APK for Android Download Latest Version 2022 Anti-Ban

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These improved versions provide you not unique functions and also provide you superior and special security systems to secure your data. The improved versions like FM WhatsApp, GOLD WhatsApp, etc. But another improved version name mix WhatsApp is roaring over another improved version after its development due to giving people what they want. Some of the amazing features or functions are given by this amazing application mix WhatsApp.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Mix APK:

What is Mix WhatsApp APK for Andriod?WhatsApp Mix APK

We can use this application to mix WhatsApp on any device. But in this essay, we tell you about this app downloading process for android devices and even discuss WhatsApp mix features. Due to the features of this app users of the mix WhatsApp increases every day. A detailed view of the latest version of the WhatsApp mix features is given below. WhatsApp Mix APK for Windows Download Latest Version 2022

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WhatsApp Mix APK –  Application Information:

App NameWhatsApp Mix
Size42 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Market Version2.20.197.17
Get it Ongoogle play store
DeveloperNairo Mix
Last Updated1 day ago

Features or functions of WhatsApp mix

People use an app for its feature. Similarly, the WhatsApp mix is an improved version of the official WhatsApp with some exciting features that are not accessible on the official WhatsApp. People love to use this improved version and its functions are in detail explained. I prefer you to use this application WhatsApp mix on your android device and enjoy the functions that are provided by this amazing WhatsApp.

Back up and rehab:

As we know that WhatsApp mix has some exciting features and one of the features is backup and rehabs your data. When you deleted WhatsApp for some reason and want to save your data then this amazing app gives you the option of backup and rehab. After enabling it to copy your data and whenever used WhatsApp and paste your data enjoy the WhatsApp full of your data. That is a very important feature.

Able to copy contacts status:

This app gives you what you want about the status information. Whatsapp mix gives you the option to copy the status of the contact. If you are a status uploading lover then this improved mod WhatsApp gives you a better option for status. It provides you an Instagram story-like style and also gives u a copy or download of the status because if you are regular on uploading status then you know that status can disappear after 24 hours. So if you like a friend or contact status and want to copy or save it on your android device then mix WhatsApp gives you this amazing feature.

Massage scheduler:

An important feature provided by WhatsApp mix is the message scheduler. The message scheduler will help you by providing important dates and wishes (birthdays etc.) you only need to put up the message on the message scheduler. This function helps full when sometimes when you are busy when you put up a massage on the scheduler then it is sent automatically and you need not worry about it.

Option of DND (do not disturb):

Another important feature that is provided by this improved version of WhatsApp is the option do not disturb or DND. Sometimes you’re busy and your friend or contacts disturb you by calling and massaging you then you need not worry about this problem because WhatsApp mix gives you DND mode after enabling it your friend or contacts member won’t be able to message or call you. So you are not getting disturbed while enabling the DND mode. This function is very helpful and WhatsApp users like that kind of amazing feature.

Option of Forwarding massages with larger size:

On the official WhatsApp when a friend massages you and you want to forward it but not be able to forward it because of the length of the massage. But using an improved version of WhatsApp mix you can forward larger sizes. Whatsapp mix provides you with this type of amazing feature

Integral lock:

This WhatsApp gives you another amazing feature that sometimes you are worried about your data chat. This WhatsApp mix gives you an integral lock option or you say that fingerprint. With this lock option, your chat is completely safe and private. People want to use this type of lock to secure their data.

Ban free:

Another important function is when you used these types of apps you always worry that you might be banned while using the application. But this improved app WhatsApp mix is ban-free. You can use this WhatsApp nothing to worry about your data. You are not going to be banned.

Option of Multiple language translators:

Another important feature is that this amazing app WhatsApp mix gives you multiple languages like Italian, Spanish, portages, English, etc. you can select your desired language and start a conservation with your friend in that language. Along with these multiple languages, this app mix WhatsApp also gives you translating option for these multiple languages. And with translating option makes the conservation good with other languages that you do not understand. This is a very important feature which everyone wants to use. This is help full for the conservation with a foreigner friend or a contact member. So enjoy the language translator on your android device while using the WhatsApp mix.

Sharing audio videos and photos with your friends:

Whatsapp is not only for massages, and calls (audio and video).you can also share audio videos and photos in the file in a massage. This feature is accessible in the official and also another improved version. But WhatsApp mix gives the length, size, and quality that you want. You can share 90 MB of video or audio in a single massage as compared to the official WhatsApp 16MB. Similarly, you can send HD quality 50 to 60 photos in a single message as compared to 10 photos with average quality of official WhatsApp. So that’s why people love to use the improved version as compared to the official WhatsApp.

Other features about mixing WhatsApp what’s new?

Some other important features

  • Conceal online status.
  • Anti–deleted massages.
  • You can conceal the status view.
  • Edit customization.
  • Freeze was last seen.
  • Change the font and back of your WhatsApp home screen.
  • Change conservation screen and massage writing style.
  • Numerous themes.
  • The facility of auto-reply.
  • Many more features to enjoy.

Installation guide of WhatsApp mix for android devices:

For the installation of WhatsApp mix on an android device, you need to follow these steps enlisted below.

  • You need an android device with an internet connection.
  • Open your smartphone and go to chrome and search for customsapk.com and type WhatsApp mix latest version on the search bar.
  • Getting results to click on the download to start the process.
  • After some time the app is downloaded and after clicking on the install button the installation starts.
  • For installation, you need permission in the setting.
  • After that, the WhatsApp mix is installed on your device or smartphone.
  • Before deleting the official one backup your data and pastes it into your new one.
  • Enjoy the improved version of the WhatsApp mix on your smartphone.

Question about the Mix WhatsApp:

Can I delete the WhatsApp mix when I want to do it?

Of course yes if you want to delete the WhatsApp mix from your android device you can delete it whenever you want. There is no need to worry about this problem after downloading you can delete it whenever you want.

Is WhatsApp mix safe?

Whatsapp mix is completely safe. Using this improved version you need not worry about your data because this app provides good security and secret and private chat conservation. And also remain data virus-free. So we say that using WhatsApp mix your data remains safe and secure.

How to update the WhatsApp mix?

Whatsapp mix is an improved version. You cannot find this app in the play store. Because improved versions are downloaded from the APK file. For the new update, you need to download the latest version and delete the old version. For update, you will get a notification when the above process is applied and enjoys the latest version of the WhatsApp mix.

 Final judgment:

In this post, you will get information about the WhatsApp mix for an android device that installation features and other informational guides are discussed in this post. If you are not using this amazing application then I suggest you read this post about the WhatsApp mix. You are going to use WhatsApp mix. Any objection to this application or need further information leave a message for us in the comments.

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