WhatsApp Gold APK Latest Version for Windows/PC 2022

Gold WhatsApp is one of the advanced and modified versions for conveying to others messages, and calls. Whatapp gold APK for windows and laptops is very popular among Android users but also accessible for Windows or pc users as well. as we know that there is several WhatsApp available but the gold WhatsApp is certainly the best.

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Whatapp gold APK for window or pc users is also enjoying the features of this app. With gold WhatsApp, you can enjoy the group call with your friends or family members anywhere in the world. There are more advanced features that are explained in detail.WhatsApp Gold APK

Application Additional Information:

App NameWhatsApp Gold APK
LicenseFree Ware
Size48.60 MB
Latest Version8.51
Phone requirements android version 4.0 and plus
File typeAPK
Update Yesterday

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WhatsApp Gold APK for Windows/PC Features:

Whatapp gold has very amazing features because the WhatsApp Gold for windows and PC  is as good as WhatsApp Gold APK for IOS and well important as WhatsApp Gold is for Android.

 Hiding online status:

If you want to hide your WhatsApp status from your friends or any of your contact lists that your friend or anyone cannot see your status then you can hide your online status by using the WhatsApp gold. Because in other WhatsApp this feature might be not available. In this way, your friends don’t know whether you upload an online status or not because they cannot see your status.

Status uploading:

In gold WhatsApp along with hiding status, you can also upload status. But in other apps or what apps you cannot upload a status longer than 30 seconds and that is a big problem because sometimes you want to upload a larger status but you are not able to do so. In gold WhatsApp either for android or for Windows or pc, you have the option to increase the duration in this Advanced application setting.so if you are uploading your status every day because online status disappears after every 24 hours then you have to use gold WhatsApp.

Auto massages reply:

In this application, you have the option of auto-reply. Sometimes you become lazy and don’t message anyone then enable the option of auto-reply. With this auto-reply feature, the gold WhatsApp is leading the chart the WhatsApp.

Show deleted messages:

In this WhatsApp, there is one extra feature that one of your friends sends you a massage and then deleted it but using this application you can read it still after the delegation from your friend. Sometimes a friend sends you an important message but unfortunately deleted it. If you are using gold WhatsApp then you don’t worry about deleted massage because this massage is not deleted from you.

Hide chat typing and activity:

With this amazing feature of gold what apps you can hide your activity. You can enable the option after this your activity hid and your friends think that you are not active at the moment but you are active. Along with hiding your activity, another feature you can also enjoy is that someone sent a message to you and waiting for your reply, if you are going to reply then on its screen he can see that typing means that he gets a hint that you are relying on his massage. If you want to hide chat typing then you have to enable the option in the setting of this application.

Multiple languages:

You can pick any language like Hindi, Urdu, English, etc. in this application another feature you love to use is that you don’t understand other languages like Portuguese and Spanish. This application provides you quick translation feature within the massaging.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp gold on Windows/pc:

It is very easy to install or download WhatsApp gold for android. But for the installation of WhatsApp gold APK for Windows or pc is different from android but not very difficult. It is very easy to install this app on your window or pc/ laptop just using android apps like blue stacks, NOx, KOplayer,…

On Windows for android devices, you need an emulator to work on pc. you see it works more than android on smartphones but it works on the pc, Windows, or laptops very well.

Install the WhatsApp gold on your pc with the help of the following android emulators.

Step By Step Information to Install WhatsApp Gold on PC by Using Bluestack:

Download or install the blue stacks from the following link. it is very easy to download 

  1. Then after downloading or installing the emulator click on the emulator and after some time, the emulator is opened, and then go on the home page of the emulator for further process
  2. In the emulator found the google plays store and access into google play store after finding the google play store on the home page of the emulator.
  3. After accessing the google play store on the search bar search for how to install WhatsApp gold. From search results click on the installation process.
  4. If the installation does not start automatically this means there is a problem then you need an APK file and you need to download the APK file from this page and also then move it to the blue stacks home page after this find the APK file in the home page and click the install.
  5. After some time the application is installed in your window or laptop.

The installation process of WhatsApp gold APK on your pc / window and laptop by using NOx player:

  1. Download or install the NOx player from the official website.
  2. After downloading or installing the emulator open it and look for install or download the emulator from the search results to download the app to your device.
  3. If you want to download its APK file then first download the APK file from the home page of the google play store. After installing the APK file then click to download the emulator.
  4. After some time it is installed on your pc or window then you can enjoy the WhatsApp gold of NOx player on your pc enjoy the app and make good use of its features.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Application

Is this app free to use?

Yes, this app is completely free to use once when you download it then you only need an internet connection. It will cost you nothing.

 What is WhatsApp gold APK? 

Whatapp gold APK is the modified version of WhatsApp where you can message or call audio +video and also send a video or photos with limited size to anyone through WhatsApp gold. You can send the above things to a person that also uses any type of WhatsApp.

How I do download WhatsApp gold APK?

You can download this application on your smartphone or phone. Download the APK file and click on the install button and the WhatsApp gold APK is installed or downloaded on your device

Is this app safe?

This application is completely safe.it provides you with different ways to protect your chat and data through the pin, pattern lock screen, etc.

Final verdict:

Whatapp is now most important and safe to communicate with each other. Because of its more advanced features peoples love to use the WhatsApp gold APK. All the important functions of the WhatsApp gold APK are discussed in detail. If you have asked something about this then please tell us through social media.

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