WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version for Android 2022

Aero Whatsapp is developed by the developer for android devices with some new and special features. The modified versions of all WhatsApp apps have nearly similar features but similarly, aero WhatsApp has the same features as Fouad WhatsApp. This Whatsapp has some thrilling themes and colors. If you love to do experiments with themes. This app is completely available on android devices and enjoys the special features that are developed by the developer for android device users. in this article, we will explain to you the complete process of downloading and Installation of Aero WhatsApp APK’s latest version for android.

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What Is Aero WhatsApp APK:WhatsApp Aero APK

Aero WhatsApp is a unique and amazing massaging app which is developed by a Turkish developer. The main thing which approaches you to use this WhatsApp instead of other WhatsApp his exceptional features. With the use of themes in this app, you can establish your app look more creative. In this app, there is also another exciting feature that you can enjoy on your smartphone or android device. You can download the latest version of Aero WhatsApp for Windows/PC

Download the Aero WhatsApp APK

Check the following:

Aero WhatsApp information:

App NameWhatsApp Aero APK
Size66.71 MB
Category WhatsApp
Requirement4.0+ for Android
DeveloperWhatsApp Aero
Updated1 day ago

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Features of Aero WhatsApp APK:

As we mentioned above the features of aero WhatsApp is slightly ahead of the other WhatsApp. We use this WhatsApp for different devices like android, pc Windows, and also IOS devices. But here we explained your feature for android devices.

The good interface of the app:

In the aero WhatsApp, there are new themes that are very unique and special that may not be accessible in the other apps. These apps are also modified. Use these themes to make your app look very perfect and also changed every day if you want a new one. Mean you can select a better theme to make your app look special.

Quick production than other mods:

The aero WhatsApp is too quick production as compared to the other mods on the internet. It is also quick production from one of the advanced WhatsApp like Fouad WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, etc. if you are not using aero WhatsApp on your smartphone then I suggest you download the aero WhatsApp on your smartphone and enjoy the quick production of this amazing app.

Conceal your pursuit: 

While using this WhatsApp you can conceal your pursuit. In some other apps, it is very easy that your friends or anyone who want to see your activity whether you are active or not because they can see your activity based on your blue tick. But in aero WhatsApp, you have the option that if you want to hide your activity from your friends then enable the option and your activity is hidden from your friends. Simply they cannot see your activity. And this type of feature app people loves to use on their devices.

 Easy setting of aero WhatsApp:

Aero WhatsApp has a very easy and different setting from the original WhatsApp because in every modified version the developer has developed a very easy and simple option setting for the users. And also slightly different from the official WhatsApp. In simple words aero, WhatsApp is very unique and easy setting from all other apps.

Anti-Ban mod:

While using the aero WhatsApp you are going banned because this mod version is safe and anti-ban.

Addition of stories like Instagram in your status:

Another important feature of aero WhatsApp some people like to upload status on WhatsApp but they want to add the status just like stories are uploaded on Instagram. In the aero WhatsApp, you can upload your status just the Instagram stories style. This unique style of status uploading is no other WhatsApp app.

New customizations: 

In the aero WhatsApp, there are more options to change the font and background of your app. and even you can set the wallpaper as a picture on your home screen of your WhatsApp to make your app look more comfortable. And there are other interesting things to change your app.

How to download & Install the Aero WhatsApp APK:

First of all, for the installation and downloading of this app, you need some necessary objects.

  • You need a device like a smartphone for android.
  • Use this app on Windows or pc and iPhone or iPad.
  • Along with the device, you also need an internet connection.
  • And the most important object is the setup of this app.

For the installation of aero WhatsApp on android devices you can follow blew steps.

  • First, open your phone and connect it to the internet.
  • Then search it on chrome for Whatapk.net.
  • After getting search results download the APK file from it.
  • complete download the file and start the installation of the app.
  • After some time the installation is complete.
  • The app is downloading or installed on your device.
  • Before deleting the official app you need to back up your all-important data.
  • After back up delete the official app.
  • After all, the process copy-pastes your data into a new one.
  • Now enjoy the aero WhatsApp on your device.

What did people ask about the app?

Aero WhatsApp is safe to use?

Definitely yes, aero WhatsApp is a very better security system. Using this app your date is safe. And also viruses’ cannot damage your data this app provides you with such kind of protection to your even you cannot imagine. No one can steal your data.

Can I get a notification for an update?

Aero what apps are updated nearly every month. So when this version is expired then you simply download the latest or new version to get going. You will not get a notification because you have downloaded the new version and deleted the previous one.

Can I find this app on the google play store? 

No, because the mod version of any WhatsApp along with aero WhatsApp you will not be able to find in the google play store. Because these mods versions are not official. You need to download these versions along with aero WhatsApp from the APK form.

Can I get banned from using aero WhatsApp?

As we mention before that aero WhatsApp is very safe and secure .while using WhatsApp you need not worry about getting banned because it is anti-ban these features make aero WhatsApp different from all other massaging apps or WhatsApp.

 Final judgment:

The features of aero WhatsApp are explained in this post which can change your mind about using other apps. Aero WhatsApp is different from all other apps it is very safe and simple and enjoyable to use. If you are using other apps then I suggest you use aero WhatsApp and enjoy its features. If you like this post then tell us through social media.

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