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Mobile phone is a common need today. We are nothing without a mobile phone. We can’t go alone anywhere without a mobile phone. Because it helps you connect with people that are all around you. Meanwhile, it acts as a safeguard for us.

If your mobile phone takes care of you, so it is up to you to take care of your mobile phone. Sometimes you face network issues, mobile battery timing is low, storage issues, or repair the damage issues. But the main and irritating issue is that your mobile start hanging. Sometimes when your mobile is on charging it is heated up and starts hanging.

You use different ways to cool down the mobile, like a cooling fan or boost up the mobile. But now you do not need to do these things by yourself. Different apps are launched that can helps you manage your mobile.

Install the “Super Charging Pro” application. By using this application you can easily take care of your mobile phone. This will take care of your mobile’s battery. Optimize your mobile phone in different ways. Sometimes we are using mobile phones in abnormal ways, with full-screen brightness and many other ways.

Apps that are running in the background consume more power, like mobile start updating automatically. This will manage the Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS and optimize the power. Monitor your mobile phone and saves your mobile phone from heating. Sometimes we forget to unplug the mobile phone, this will cause overheating. But this application helps you to optimize your mobile phone. You can also measure the temperature of the mobile phone.

You have not need to worry about this application. This application will never disturb your privacy. Could not interrupt your personal information, that is pictures, videos, and other important documents.

This application will never collect your media on the server and share them with the 3rd parties. Completely safe, and secure, that protects your privacy. This application is a lightweight application, not heavy on storage, and never harms your device. This application will never drain the battery power.

This is one of the best mobile optimizing or monitoring apps. Users like and download the application. Over 1 million people installed this application and get benefits from it.  Ads are contained in an application, there are some advertising ads are added up by the developer.

Steps to use the “Super Charging Pro” application:

This application will have an easy and simple format, that is easy to use. Here are the following steps to use this application.

  • Install the “Super Charging Pro” application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on allow to accept the permissions to allow access to the mobile phone.
  • After opening the app you will see the different icons.
  • At the top of the page, this will show you the battery percentage, the temperature of the mobile phone, and info about the SD card.
  • Set up the application and enjoy the different features of the application.

Features and comforts of application:

This application will have amazing features and gives different comforts to the people. Here are the following features and comforts of the application.

  • Completely safe and secure.
  • Acts as a safeguard for your mobile and saves them from damage.
  • Measure the temperature of your mobile.
  • Avoid using your mobile when it’s on charging because it causes to increase in the temperature.
  • Never interrupts your personals.
  • Amazing mobile temperature meter.
  • Manage the mobile apps.
  • Tells you about the battery percentage and also battery timing and saves the battery power.
  • A cooling fan to cool the CPU of your mobile can also increase the battery timing of the mobile.
  • Detect the junk files and delete them automatically.
  • Detect duplicate files that are photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • Boost up the mobile to increase the mobile working.
  • Install the application and enjoy the different features the application.


This application does not want any additional permissions. This is offered by “NUOTEC STUDIO” and released on Apr 15, 2021. This application may need some permissions to allow access to the mobile phone. Here are some permissions that may request access to the mobile phone.

  • Access to the camera to take pictures and record video.
  • Access to the microphone.
  • View wifi connection.
  • Access to the storage to read or modify the deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Access to the media files to read and modify the content or deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Run at startup.
  • Prevents your device from sleeping.
  • Reads calendar events.
  • Set wallpaper.
  • Close other apps.
  • Install shortcuts.
  • Draw over other apps.
  • Modify system setting.
  • Change network connectivity.



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