Stick Cricket Super League MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited Money)

Stick Cricket Super League APK (Unlimited Money)Cricket Super League is a mobile game that will delight users with its simple gameplay. Stick Cricket Super League is a continuation of the Stick Cricket series. It has better graphics and more interesting gameplay. You can create your team and get it to be really good. Stick Cricket Super League MOD is a game that costs money. It is like Stick Sports, but it has cricket. You can play with great cricket players and win prizes. You can also create your player and give him traits and abilities so he will play the way you want him to.

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Gameplay Cricket Super League mod APK:Stick Cricket Super League MOD APK

In the beginning, you have to create your player. Then you have to choose what team they are on. Once that is done, you can play games. It is easy-you just hit the ball with a bat. The rules are introduced in training mode. You might want to know that these games are made for entertainment purposes so the rules are simplified as much as possible. The game is about pressing a button at the right time. You can press one of two function buttons to kick the ball in different directions. You need to be careful and figure out when you should wave your bat so that the ball will fly away and bring you points. The player who wins first is awarded according to the rules. After that, players start playing as a team in tournaments where they take care of their team composition themselves. You can also check Horrorfield Mod Apk latest Version 2022

Download Stick Cricket Super League Mod APK File:


In this game, you can be a cricket captain. You have to make your team successful. Join a team from all over the world and play many games. Play as many different people on your team and win. Create a team and customize the players. Choose games that are interactive and fun. You will win games against other teams if you are part of a team. Also, Hackers MOD APK Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money/Credits)

At the same time, also feel free to explore many different management options in the game as you enjoy playing this game of cricket. Build your dream team thanks to bankrolled recruitment of players by club owners. Decide your team tactics and each player’s role in the matches. Get coaches to train your players on certain aspects of the game. And unlock multiple customizations that will make this game more interesting for you to enjoy.

Stick Cricket Super League Mod APK Application Information:

App NameStick Cricket Premier League MOD APK
DeveloperStick Sports Ltd
RequiresAndroid 4.4+
Size37.8 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Downloads10 Million+
Root Required? No
Updated3 days Ago

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Stick Cricket Super League Mod APK [Unlimited Coins/money] Features:

In this game, you get to be the captain of a team. You get to play cricket. First, you need to choose a team. You can make them your own or choose one from a list of teams that other people have made before. Then you need to win games and earn money for your team so they can buy players and equipment for the next game. If you do well enough, you will eventually make it into Stick Cricket Super League.


You can create a character in this game. You can choose your hair and clothes. Then you can play the game with your character.

Explore the world of cricket:

You can also play Stick Cricket Premier League on Android. There are many teams to choose from. You can sign up with whatever team you want in Australia or India.

Build your cricket dream cricket team:

Once you join a team, the owner will give you money to buy things for the team. You need to be good with money and win games. Make sure that the player is good. The more players with potential, the better. Play cricket and you will win against your opponents. You can use tactics to do this. You can also play with a good team. Try to get better at the game and enjoy it more.

Take on multiple leagues and tournaments:Take on multiple leagues and tournaments

In this game, people will play cricket. You can be in many leagues and tournaments. You will have fun with the endless pieces of cricket actions as you slowly establish your reputation in the league. Please the owners and players with your hard work, which will give way for much new advancement.

Play the game with or without the Internet:

If you like playing cricket, you can enjoy the offline versions in the Stick Cricket Premier League. You don’t need to find Wi-Fi or use your mobile data to play this game. Play anytime and anywhere.


Cities from all over the world are competing in a league that is a lot like baseball. They can’t play at home, but they can play against other cities. The game is called Stick Cricket Super League. This game is different than any other game because it has some cool moves and more strategy than just hitting the ball with the bat.


Bolster your team by adding real cricket star players. Negotiate seasonal contracts with the world’s best cricket players.


When you put on the helmet, it is game time. Be like Stick Cricket and make 6s in the game. Then light the fireworks at the stadium.


Select your team of 11 players. Decide who is going to bat and who will bowl. Make sure you have a captain. You are the top cricket player.


Stop smashing your sixes and watching the opposition bowl. Fast track the end of the innings.


Your career and season stats show how you are doing. You earn trophies and accolades. You become the best of the best. Lead the way as a skipper.

Graphics and sound:

The application has funny pictures with bright colors and sounds. It is a happy app. The people in the stands scream when someone gets hit by a ball. There is no Russian language in this app.

Sound & Music:

People who play Stick Cricket Premier League on Android now can enjoy an immersive cricket experience with sound effects. You can listen to the game sounds inside and outside the stadium. And you will always enjoy listening to relaxing music in the game.

The result:

Stick Cricket Super League is a game about cricket. It has funny pictures and easy mechanics. I like it because it is fun, and I give it 5 points out of 5.

Final thoughts:

Some people like playing cricket. In this game, you can play as a player. You can also have a career as a player in the world of cricket. This will be free for those who want to download it from our website.

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