OG WhatsApp APK Download Version 2022 V13.50 Anti-Ban (Official)

When we used an app we want its new or updated version because in the latest or improved version new facilities are provided. As we know that Whatsapp is the most used app. almost everyone uses WhatsApp now has a device like a smartphone, computer, etc. so we say that before every app has improved versions of sorts. Similarly, OG WhatsApp is an improved sort of WhatsApp with thrilling qualities or functions. in this column, we going to tell you about this WhatsApp sort. You can use this WhatsApp sort on any device like a smartphone for android and pc and a laptop for Windows devices. We can also use this WhatsApp sort on IOS like on iPhone or iPad etc. you can OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2022 Anti-Ban (Official)

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What is OG Whatsapp APK?OG WhatsApp APK

As we mention above OG WhatsApp is an improved sort of WhatsApp. Here we are going to tell you about every piece of information with a particular description about the OG WhatsApp. Some of the thrilling functions make OG WhatsApp completely different from other apps. If you want to use this improved sort on any of your devices then its downloading process is very simple which is enlisted later in this column. Now we are going to explain the thrilling functions or features. OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2022 Anti-Ban (Official). Also, check the downloading process of OG WhatsApp APK from youtube

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Download OG WhatsApp Latest Version:

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OG WhatsApp APK Information:

Application NameOG WhatsApp APK
Android RequirementAndroid 5.0+
File size50 MB
Available Google play Store
Total Downloads5,000,000+
Main TaskAll WhatsApp features with some hidden features.
Developer Fouad
Last updated1 day ago

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Features or functions of OG Whatsapp:

The features or functions are very important for the popularity of an app or application. Here we discuss the WhatsApp improved sort OG WhatsApp. People liked the improved sort of WhatsApp for what reason. In this column, we are going to tell you about the feature because this sort of WhatsApp is becoming everyone’s love. The function or features explanation given blew.

Provide countless themes:

In a messaging app like WhatsApp, themes are very important for personalizing the screen. so the OG Whatsapp gives you countless themes accessible in the theme store of OG WhatsApp. With these themes, you can edit or personalize the contact’s name color and even test color to make your screen very cool and perfect. You can also able to download themes from websites and able use those downloaded themes instead of themes that are accessible in the store. The downloading theme option is only provided by OG Whatsapp .this is important for those who love to change or personalize their screen with new and stylish themes to make the screen perfect and chilly.

Option of changing the front and background of the screen:

If you burrow with a poor and dull front and background screen or wallpaper using the official WhatsApp then you need to change your app and need to use an improved sort. This sort of WhatsApp provides or gives you the wallpaper for your front and background screen that you are looking for. New and cool wallpapers for the screen. After applying it you are going to love it for sure. Another option is given by this sort of WhatsApp instead of wallpapers you can also use an image on the back and front of your screen.

Lock up conservation screen:

This important function is provided only by OG WhatsApp. Because every user of WhatsApp needs a secret chat or conservation. The developer of this WhatsApp has developed this function WhatsApp by looking at the interest of people in this app. so with the addition of the lock-up conservation screen feature this WhatsApp is now a complete app that provides all facilities you need in a messaging app. using this WhatsApp you able to lock up your conservation screen to keep your conservation or chat safe. No one can see your chats. This function is not accessible in other WhatsApp sorts or official WhatsApp.

Interior and exterior put your photo in chats:

This function is very cool. in the official WhatsApp when you want to message someone then on his WhatsApp screen only your name appeared in writing from both the interior and exterior of the chat. If you want that instead of only your name in written form your photo or image appeared with your name then you need to download or use OG WhatsApp on your device because OG WhatsApp gives this option that you can put photos or images in chats. Mean when you message someone with your name also your photo appeared on his screen both interior and exterior of the chats. These types of functions or features are loved by most people.

Used two WhatsApp on one device:

When you are using other improved sorts of WhatsApp you can use only one WhatsApp on one device. If you want to use two WhatsApp then you have to delete one WhatsApp for the use of another. Shortly you cannot use two WhatsApp on one device in other sorts WhatsApp.in other sorts you need different phones for the two WhatsApp. Using OG WhatsApp you can use two WhatsApp on one device. This gives you the option of switching the account and you can use any WhatsApp with all your contacts used for both WhatsApp. This is an important and very useful feature or function loved by most the peoples

Block unnecessary calls and DND mode:

Another important feature is that you have the option of blocking unnecessary calls .or contacts. Some of your contacts or maybe friends call or massage you unnecessarily when you are busy OG WhatsApp gives you the option of blocking contacts. If you blocked your contact then he is not able to contact you through calls and messages whenever you UN block it. OG WhatsApp gives another option of DND as a do not disturb option. If you don’t want to block your contacts member then you have to enable the DND mode when you are busy. In this way, we will not be able to disturb you when you are at work busy. The feature of blocking or DND mode is very important and helps full. You cannot find such features on the official WhatsApp.

Addition features & functions OG WhatsApp APK: 

  • Multimedia sharing option.
  • You can edit your profile picture and also protect it with a wall cover and be able to hide the picture as well from your contacts.
  • Good voice for audio calling.
  • Option of recording messages instead of writing.
  • Option of copying and saving or downloading the status of your friends.

How to Download & Install the OG WhatsApp APK: 

For the installation process, you need to come after these steps.

  • First of all, you need to search for OG WhatsApp on chrome because the improved sort is found in the play store.
  • After that getting results, you need to click on the latest version and download it
  • After downloading you need to install it. For this, you have to click on the button to install and start the installation.
  • After some time the OG WhatsApp is installed on your device.
  • Before deleting previous you have to copy your data and delete it.
  • After all this, you have to enter your WhatsApp number in your new WhatsApp and after recovering and editing your name and bio.
  • You can paste your data into a new WhatsApp and enjoy the WhatsApp with features on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I delete OG Whatsapp whenever I want?

Yes, we can delete OG Whatsapp whenever I want. If you download this WhatsApp on your device. Then might be you do not want to delete it because after some use of this application. I am sure you like the application features and want to enjoy them. But for some reason, you want to delete it. Uninstall it then you can easily delete it from your device with ease. You need not worry about it.

Is OG WhatsApp free to use?

The OG WhatsApp is just like other chat apps. But with some very interesting features or functions leading the chart and its users increases day by day. You need not worry about it being free to use. For this, you only need a device and internet connection. And enjoy all the features of this word class app. so download it and enjoy it.

How can we use OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is also WhatsApp sort. So you need to use this WhatsApp just like like you used other or official WhatsApp. There is no new process for using this app.

Is OG WhatsApp safe? 

OG WhatsApp is one of the best applications. Which gives you very secure and safe security. using this app your data is completely safe. Increasing users of this app because one of the features of this app is that OG WhatsApp gives the security you are looking for. This app protects your data from viruses and also keeps it safe and secure from various companies that try to steal the data .this amazing is useable and helpful.

Final verdicts: 

In this column, we discuss bout the OG WhatsApp and how its works for android devices. How can we use this WhatsApp and downloading process and the most important information provided in this column or article? So read this article if you are not using OG WhatsApp after that it will your attention. So enjoy the app on your device.

Download OG WhatsApp Latest Version:

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