NS WhatsApp APK for Windows Download Version V9.0 2022 (Official)

NS WhatsApp APK is the best alternative to official WhatsApp. With over 1 billion downloads, it has become one of the most used messaging applications globally and offers many interesting features not found in other similar apps like NS Messenger or Facebook messenger With all these benefits comes an equally great downside: you may feel lost when using another service instead- which can be especially true if that replacement app doesn’t offer certain options as part of its core package. A modified version of WhatsApp has been launched that provides more features and options to the users. This NS WhatsApp is one such application, it offers hundreds of customizable options which you will love.  You can easily get NS WhatsApp APK for Windows Download Latest Version 2022.

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NS WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version:

What is NS WhatsApp 3D for Windows/PC?NS WhatsApp APK

NS Whatsapp 3D APK Download: Chat and share videos in the best 3D chat app. The newest application has more features that you will enjoy, unlike others like Facebook Messenger for example which limits your video uploads to only 1GB per day. In addition to sending large files through WhatsApp (20 MB limit), there are also some other limitations such as not being able to create group chats with multiple users at once or viewing contacts outside of one’s phone book- but these can easily be changed by installing third-party extensions from Google Play store if needed so check them out today. you can also download the NS WhatsApp APK for IOS

NS WhatsApp APK 3D Application Information:

App NameNS WhatsApp 3D
App Size57 MB
Category WhatsApp
Required Android Version4.1+
LicenseFree Ware
OP SystemAndroid
App VersionLatest
AuthorNairton Silva
Last updated1 Day Ago

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NS WhatsApp 3D APK Key features:

 The newest update to the NS WhatsApp 3D features is here! This article will help you get an understanding of all that it has in store for your phone.


Many people find that customization is one of the best features which has attracted them to WhatsApp. You can customize different chats and even icons for each chat you have on your phone, as well as bubble an icon so only messages with important information get marked by stars. The NS3D APK will enable customization in various ways; it’s a great way to accessories any messaging app!


NS WhatsApp 3D APK is the modern solution for those who want to avoid any possibility of their messages being read by friends. You can now remain online without letting your friends know that you are scrolling through a conversation, as well as reading individual chats in secret. This new version also offers more options when it comes to privacy and security so NS WA tries its best not just to resemble other messaging apps out there but offer something uniquely different too. Hiding the blue ticks will save you from fighting with your friends and also replying to conversations when they don’t want a response.


WhatsApp has just updated its security options, and this will allow you to keep your chats end-to-end encrypted. There’s no need for a middleman with NS WhatsApp 3D APK! This new version is completely secure as it doesn’t have any data leakage risks like other versions of the app do. The safety net that we all take comfort in knowing about our accounts being safe from hackers while chatting online can now fully rely on thanks to these mudded chat apps which are free from malware attacks; they’re also hassle-free since there aren’t ads popping up every five minutes during conversations

Backup & Restore:

There are two ways to backup your WhatsApp messages and data. The first option is through Google Drive, which backs up a user’s chats as well as images in galleries for each account if it has been enabled on their phone or via SMS message from that particular device (e.g., since this service can send an alert when users’ devices get lost). If you don’t have access to either method then be sure not to forget about saving all those important conversations by being able to upload them into another cloud storage solution like Dropbox; there might even come times when we lose our phones but still need access at some point. The second way I recommend making certain no one touches any of my personal information without permission before reading further

Additional Features of NS WhatsApp APK for Windows

  • There is a ton of other stuff in the NS WhatsApp 3D APK version. It has features that are too numerous to list here,
  • You can set up an auto-reply that will send a prewritten response to the person who contacts you.
  • A variety of themes are available, including some with new and different features.
  • You can download different stickers from the internet and stick them onto any surface to easily personalize your phone or laptop.
  • There are three different checking options for you to choose from.
  • There are more than just a few things you can do on WhatsApp. You have the option to make groups, message people privately or publicly as well as share files with your friends through group messages and private conversations!
  • NS WhatsApp 3D’s user interface is a unique blend of old and new, with its cards that have either bubbles or pictures in them.

How to Download & Install NS WhatsApp 3D on Windows/PC:

To get started with the installation of NS WhatsApp for Android on your PC or window, we need an emulator. Here’s how to do it. These emulators are 

  • Blue stacks emulator Installation of NS WhatsApp APK on window or pc
  • NOx player emulator Installation of NS WhatsApp APK on window or pc

Installation of NS WhatsApp APK through blue stacks emulator on window or pc

  • To start your Android journey, download the emulator Bluestack. After some time spent downloading and installing this software on your computer or laptop, you will be able to open it to go into the menu screen where all of our favorite features are waiting for us!
  • Once you have access to the emulator, open up the google play store and sign in with your account.
  • Search NS WhatsApp 3D in the search bar of the google play store
  • Click on install and start the installation
  • It may take some time
  • On the completion of installation click done

Installation of NS WhatsApp APK through NOx player emulator on window or pc:

You can download the OG Whatsapp on your computer or Windows phone by using an Android Emulator. The process of downloading Follow these steps.

  • Download the NOx player for free on your computer or laptop. It’s really easy to find! Enter “NS WhatsApp” into the search bar and it will take you straight there.
  • Click on install then start the installation process
  • After some time the App will be completely installed on your windows.

Final Verdict:

NS WhatsApp is the ultimate messaging application for those who are looking to have an all-inclusive experience. With features like stickers, video calls, and voice messages that come standard with this app it has become difficult not only just to be a messenger but also to keep up on what’s happening offline too! NS offers many choices when downloading an interface from its website as well so there shouldn’t ever be any lack of options available unless you’re willing to let them win by refusing their offer altogether because we want no part in your competition.

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