NS WhatsApp APK for Android Download Version V9.0 Anti-Ban 2022

WhatsApp is for talking with your friends or your loved ones and also anyone you want to talk with messages and calls through WhatsApp. Every smartphone user almost uses WhatsApp for talking with each person in this modern time. Along with the official WhatsApp number new styles of WhatsApp are developed with some interesting or promising features. So instead of the official WhatsApp people love to use WhatsApp new kinds and want to enjoy its features. The NS WhatsApp is also a new kind of WhatsApp. Here you get information about the NS WhatsApp for Android devices. you can download NS WhatsApp APK for Android Latest Version Anti-Ban 2022.

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NS WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version:

What is NS WhatsApp APK for Androids?NS WhatsApp APK

The NS WhatsApp is WhatsApp sort. We can use this WhatsApp sort on our android device or our mobile phone. NS WhatsApp is very different from other sorts that why people around the globe use this kind of WhatsApp very well. As we know that Whatsapp is often the most utilized application across the world. Now I want to tell you the qualities of NS WhatsApp that you can enjoy on your smartphone or android device. The NS WhatsApp qualities explanations are given in detail blew in this article. you can download the OG WhatsApp by clicking here

NS WhatsApp APK 3D Application Information:

App NameNS WhatsApp 3D
App Size57 MB
Category WhatsApp
Required Android Version4.1+
LicenseFree Ware
OP SystemAndroid
App VersionLatest
AuthorNairton Silva
Last updated1 Day Ago

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The qualities or functions of NS WhatsApp:

The official WhatsApp gives you normal standard qualities as compared to the NS WhatsApp like improved sorts. Here, we need to give the information about the NS WhatsApp qualities which are very high standard. This sort gives you the option of like conceal activity, profile picture, and nice qualities themes. Some of the other interesting qualities of NS WhatsApp are explained below.

Secret your last seen:

If you want to know that no one in your contacts list is not able to see you last seen that which time you were active last time on WhatsApp. In NS WhatsApp you can hide or secret it your last seen because this sort of Whatsapp gives you the option. After enabling the option no one can see your last seen or no one able to know which time you are online on WhatsApp. This is an important quality in an app because no one disturbs you when they see you offline on WhatsApp.

Edit and conceal Profile picture: 

Another important quality. When you message your contact members then your profile picture appears with your name on the contact screen. If you want to hide or conceal it from your contact members then this WhatsApp sort or NS WhatsApp gives you the option of concealing your profile picture. After authorizing the options none of your contacts able to see your profile picture only your name appears on your contact screen. Along with the hiding option with NS WhatsApp, you can also edit your profile picture mean that you can set a full-size picture on your WhatsApp profile. You can also crop r rotate your picture if you want. This important function of your profile picture is not many facilities provide in official WhatsApp.

Several themes:

The themes are very important for customization. The official WhatsApp gives you a few dull themes. so all people want exciting themes to kill their boring mood and make refresh with the customization of your contacts, message text, and many more themes. But the themes provided by WhatsApp sorts. The NS WhatsApp sorts are among them and provide you with several themes to make your screen the best and cool. These themes are found in the theme store of NS WhatsApp. You can also download your themes for your screen from the website and also make your screen perfect.

Customize chat or conservation filter:

With themes, we can customize the screen to make it perfect. Along with this, we can also customize the chat or conservation screen. When you customize text color even conservation background to make more cool your chat. With customization of the chat filter, you can also set a picture of you or even your loved one in place of another filter. This function is chilly and liked by several users. More like these customization qualities developed in the WhatsApp sort and also in NS WhatsApp with every new update.

Last update:

The NS WhatsApp has provided good qualities as we know that. If you want to enjoy the newest qualities or functions of the app. when the app is updated then with every update new features or functions are added to the app. this sort of WhatsApp is a very fast updated app. after every update after a month the app is updated automatically you only need the data connection and the app is updated and you can enjoy the most and new facilities that added in the app.

Music and Photos sharing through NS WhatsApp:

As we know that WhatsApp is not only for calls and messages. Along with this, we can share music and photos with friends through WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp cannot provide the length and quality for sharing music and images. So users choose the WhatsApp sort and here we can share with you about the NS WhatsApp a modified type of WhatsApp. With NS WhatsApp we can share music through the file in both audio and video form. The size in the NS WhatsApp is over 300 MB that we can with a friend in a single message through files but for the official, this length or size is 16 MB.

Similarly, in the case of photos or images, the NS WhatsApp also ranked high among WhatsApp sorts and also for official WhatsApp. With this, you can share over 100 photos or images with contacts in a single message as compared to the 10 photos or images on official WhatsApp. The quality is also good for sharing photos and music as compared to the original WhatsApp.so we say that the NS WhatsApp is heavily better than the official and other WhatsApp sort.

Smart gifts and emojis:

Some of the other functions of providing gifts and emojis for the conservation with friends make the conservation very smart. The official WhatsApp does not give you such emojis and gifts that are provided by the WhatsApp sort. Similarly, new emojis and gifts are provided by NS WhatsApp to use during your chat with your loved one. so those who use emojis and gifts in their chats love to use the NS WhatsApp then the official one.


As we mention above NS WhatsApp gives you so many hiding options like with the help of this sort of WhatsApp able to conceal blue tick and typing and many more features that you can enjoy. So for important enjoyment, you need to download the NS WhatsApp

Some Additional Features of NS WhatsApp APK

  • Auto-reply option.
  • Ban free.
  • Permit group calls.
  • Good security system.
  • Use for all types of devices.
  • And many more to enjoy.

Installation Guide for the NS WhatsApp on an android device:

For the installation of NS WhatsApp on android devices you need to occupy the following steps.

  • Firstly, you need to need a smartphone.
  • With device also need to connect to the internet.
  • After this open, the chrome on your phone and search for the NS WhatsApp latest version.
  • After this permit the unknown sources from the main menu.
  • The app is downloaded in a few minutes. You need to click the install button and start the installation of the app.
  • After this, the NS WhatsApp is installed on your device. And you can enjoy the app on your device.


We completely explain the features of NS WhatsApp. Some of the qualities that you want in a messaging app for the conservation with your friends. If you have to know any information about the app then I suggest you read the Colum and know about the app .further leave a message for us about the app.

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