King of Avalon latest Version Mod APK V12.2.0 [Unlimited Gold, Unlocked]

King of Avalon: Dominion 12.0.7 Mod Apk Unlimited Gold. King Arthur died in battle. He was killed by his niece Mordred. His body lays in a bastion on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his heavy blade, Excalibur. When Excalibur has risen again, then a new king will be crowned and the land will be unified again. The whole group has been breaking apart and fighting against each other. Many people have been asking about the power of Excalibur, but there is only enough space for one king on the throne. King of Avalon is set in a fantasy medieval England and it brings back the legend of King Arthur and his knights. Assemble a military with heavy weapons, raise an army of warriors, and use your skills in war strategy to defeat your opponent. Train your dragon to fight. 

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Description of King of Avalon:King of Avalon

The King of Avalon is a game where you fight against other people’s armies. You will have a small kingdom to rule over and from there, your quest for conquering starts. By using the resources given to you, you can plan strategically to win wars and reign over a big kingdom by conquering and becoming an emperor, just like the kings used to do. Also, download Megapolis Mod APK Download Latest Version

Raise your dragon and create your army for the PvP hunt. Then you can lift Excalibur and become King. You will taste power and money as you make friends and enemies along the way. Play with people around the world in a multiplayer adventure. King Arthur’s death left an empty throne that is looking for a new king (player). Join an alliance of other players for more power against the enemy. A great war is coming among powerful barons.

King of Avalon Latest Version Mod Apk:

War is everywhere. You are in an army against another army. Your goal is to take over the castle of your enemy. To do this, you need allies that will help you attack the other castle. First, send a spy into the other team’s castle with your troops to see what defenses they have! Dragons are also powerful weapons that can help in battle too, but it takes time for them to become strong and you must train them first by giving them things like food and gold. You can also check the latest version Godus MOD Download APK Latest Version 2022 [Unlimited Belief/ Gems]

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King of Avalon Latest Version Mod Apk Application Information:

App NameKing of Avalon Mod APK
GenreGames, Strategy
Size410 MB
Get it OnGoogle Play Store
Rating 4.3/5
PublisherCentury Games Limited
Updated3 days Ago

King of Avalon MOD Key Features:

Unlimited Gold

In King of Avalon, it is important to have gold resources. To win the game, you need these resources first. You can get free gold from daily rewards, but can also earn them from events or buy them on the market with money. With your gold coins, you can buy things and upgrade heroes in the marketplace. 

Gold is needed to play the game. Gold prices are high, and people want it. That is why we created the King of Avalon Mod Apk. With this mod, you can get unlimited gold resources. Buying gold with real money does not make sense because there will be no point in doing so anymore when you have all the gold you need from the King of Avalon MOD apk.

Get the free hack mod and take advantage of this feature and many more as you will see. Gold is just one resource that will be added to your account.

Unlimited Food/Wood/Iron/Silver

There are 4 resources used in the game, food, wood, iron, and silver. The food resource is important for the troops. Troops need food to live. So if you want more troops in your game then you will need more food too! But as they eat the food they will slowly die so make sure they are always fed up.

You can gather food by attacking other cities and you can also collect food from them. Or, you can do it the long way and build farms to produce more food. But that’s not what you need to do.

As a result of this demand for food, we developed the King of Avalon mod apk. Growing food was never easier. Now you can get unlimited food and your resources will always be at the maximum level with our latest King of Avalon mod APK. You will never run out of resources again.

In the King of Avalon game, you need food for your army. You also need wood to build buildings. The Sawmill building makes wood and stores it. Use the King of Avalon mod to ask if you want unlimited wood to make buildings with.

Now you can get Iron without Mine. You can upgrade your buildings and do not need to wait for production time. Progress quickly and sure.

The silver resources are the rarest in the game. You need silver for upgrades and it runs out quickly. To get more, you need to build as many Silver Mines as possible. But you don’t have to do that anymore because there is enough silver now.

Focus on other things like becoming the King of Avalon because you will get unlimited silver. There is a mod for this game that makes all resources unlimited. 

Unlock Dragon Skills

Dragons are an important part of King of Avalon. They will help your kingdom grow. But they need to be developed, or else they won’t be as helpful. Skills are most important for them though. Download King of Avalon Mod APK to have unlimited resources.

This game has different skills. For example, you can assign it to attack, defense, gathering, or monsters. You can also assign one skill to both of these things that might happen at once in the game. There are 8 types of skills in this game and you will unlock more slots for them when you get new levels.

You don’t need to get to level 45 to unlock them. You do not need Intensity Crystals to upgrade your Dragon Skills. They will be unlocked and upgraded for you when you download the latest King of Avalon MOD APK. 

Unlimited Dragon EXP

Dragons need to be upgraded to have more Dragon Skills. You can also get to the maximum level of upgrading, but it takes a lot of EXP. Get the King of Avalon Mod APK with this great feature for upgrading your dragons.

Fully Upgraded Emblems

Emblems will help your dragons fight. You can improve your dragon’s power with these fully upgraded emblems. Download the King of Avalon mod and take your Emblems with you. With better combat, you will get a lot more XP and be able to grow stronger. You don’t have to wait for upgrades or upgrade them because they are already fully upgraded to the latest version possible.

Unlock All Heroes with King of Avalon Mod Apk:

You can have all the Heroes from King of Avalon. You don’t have to summon anymore, you can get your favorite Regular, Rare, Rare, and Epic Hero. These Heroes are obtained from the Summoning Circle: Apprentice, Advanced, and Master.

To get the Heroes you want, download the King of Avalon mod and unlock them. Unlock Heroes from different Stronghold levels. Use these to win in war and conquer other kingdoms.


Many people like playing strategy games. They became popular in the late 90s, but then they lost popularity and were replaced with more exciting action games.

You can play this game on your phone. Strategy games are hard because they require patience and understanding of the game. The King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is no exception. It is set in a time when there is no king, but you can become one if you train your dragon to fight other players for Excalibur, the sword that will make you king.

The makers of the game wanted to make it more interesting. They added an action part, but the game is still the same. The player will need to connect to the internet to play this game on a global scale. This means they’ll need to strengthen their kingdom and make friends with other players too.

You can find the game on your phone. It also has the kind of money you need to buy it with, or you can just download our hack app. The developers are always updating the game so that it’s better and doesn’t have any bugs in it.

Why do I need the King of Avalon MOD?

King of Avalon is a game where you are the king of your kingdom. This means you have to do more than just play. You need to grow and upgrade your kingdom, but for that, you will need resources and good people too. With the King of Avalon MOD apk, you will get unlimited resources, all heroes unlocked, fully upgraded emblems, and all dragon skills unlocked.

All these features let you play the game King of Avalon. It’s an excellent game that is fun to play.

How to download and install King of Avalon MOD APK on Android

The mod apk file is very easy to install. You just need to download the file, and then you can put it on your phone.

  • To download this, you need to click the button below.
  • Wait until the file is downloaded then open it.
  • Install the King of Avalon Mod apk file on your Android device.
  • Please follow the instructions inside.
  • The best way to start your day is by enjoying the mod.

Final thoughts:

King of Avalon is a multiplayer strategy game. The strategy will help you to win the battle. Do the best you can and be one of the strongest players in this game. All of these things are possible in King of Avalon Mod APK.

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