GB WhatsApp APK download the latest version for Pc/Window

Due to the ease of communication through WhatsApp, many people have been downloading and using this app. Resultantly, the graph of Whtsapp users is continuously going to increase. But this escalating digit of WhatsApp users is demanding now more and more features of Whatsapp due to some security and other issues, which official Whtsapp is unable to provide, i.e., strict privacy features, etc. Therefore, to meet the needs of its users and to facilitate them, GB Whatsapp for Pc is launched.

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GB Whatsapp APK is now available for android users and Windows/PC users. For people who want to get all the features of GB Whatsapp for Pc, which the old WhatsApp couldn’t provide, it is good news to them that they can download GB Whatsapp on their Pc now. If you don’t know about GB Whtapp for Pc free downloaddon’t worry; we will guide you in detail about downloading and installing GB WhatsApp APK in this article.

Download GB WhatsApp APK the Latest Version

About GB Whatsapp APK

Gb Whatsapp APK is the modified version of the previous official Whatsapp. You can say that it is an updated version having multiple features like hiding last seen from particular persons, theme variations, double tick removal, and many more. Additionally, GB Whatsapp pro can be installed on your Pc along with your old WhatsApp account. Check the Features of Moncage Mod APK

Lets us see in detail the features of GB Whatsapp, due to which people prefer it over native Whatsapp. Check the Features of Mini World: CREATA Mod APK

GB WhatsApp APK – Application Information:

App NameGB WhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
App size47.06 MB
Requires Android4.3+
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Last updated1 day ago

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Distinguished Features of GB Whatsapp APK

GB Whatsapp has some extraordinary features which the local WhatsApp is unable to provide to its users. Those features are as follows. Check the features of Awaken Chaos Era Codes | Redemption Codes (Updated)

Hide blue and double ticks:

The prominent significant feature of GB Whatsapp is that you can hide your blue ticks or even your double ticks. This is so that people would not be able to see whether you have received their messages by hiding double ticks or you have read their messages in case of blue ticks are hidden.

Significant Privacy Features:

GB Whatsapp has provided a lot of private facilities to its users. Such as

Hide Online status:

You can now easily hide your online status from all the contact lists and some specific people.

Hide last seen:

Similarly, you can hide your last seen from certain people to whom you don’t want to show that you are online or when you were last online. This feature was not provided by official Whtsapp because it hides the last seen from all contact lists.

Restriction on video and audio calls:

Furthermore, if you want to receive a call, neither video nor audio, you can do this easily if you have a GB Whatsapp pro on your PC.

Deletion of text without notifying the receiver:

Another impressive privacy feature of GB Whatsapp is that you can recall or delete your text to someone, and it will not show, “This message is deleted,” which the old WhatsApp shows.

Hide typing and recording:

Similarly, you can hide typing and even voice notes from some specific and your entire contact list by using GB Whatsapp.

Versatile Font Styles:

GB Whatsapp also gives you the facility of selecting the font style of your desire by giving you multiple font options.

GB Whatsapp APK for Pc/Window

You can quickly run your GB WhatsApp on Pc. You can send, receive messages, make calls and even share media files with your friends on your Pc.

Other features of GB Whatsapp

Apart from above mentioned extraordinary features, GB Whatsapp has some other features, which are as follows.

  • You can have the option of both light mode and dark mode of your Whatsapp if you are using GB Whatsapp on your Pc.
  • You do not need to save a person’s number first before messaging him. You can directly text him.
  • Furthermore, you can hide or lock your personal chat on GB Whatsapp. This gives you the benefit of hiding your personal chat s that no one can open it.

Methods to download and install GB Whatsapp APK for Pc/Window:

You can free download GB Whatsapp for Pc by following the given detail.GB Whatsapp APK for Pc can be downloaded by using emulators like bluestacks and Nox player.

Download GB Whatsapp APK for Pc by using Bluestacks

If you want to download GB WhatsApp APK on your Pc/window with the help of bluestacks, you have to follow the given easy steps.

Step 1

Download the Bluestacks emulator from its official site.

Step 2

After downloading, go to the download folder in C drive and open the downloaded bluestacks file.

Step 3

Click on the bluestacks.exe file for the installation of the file.

Step 4

Click ‘Next’ when the installation window appears on the screen.

Step 5 

Once installation is completed, you will see a message; click ‘Finish ’on that.

Step 6

Launch the bluestacks app on your Pc by opening it for configuration.

Step 7 

Once the app is launched, choose the suitable language for you.

Step 8

A Gmail account will be demanded to configure completely; enter the details of your Gmail account to get a login.

Step 9

Now download GB Whatsapp APK file from Google or cognitive window.

Step 10 

By completing the downloading process of GB Whatsapp APK, go on blue stacks and click ‘Install APK’

Step 11

At this point, the system will ask for the location where you have downloaded GB whtsapp.APK Open that file

Step 12

Click ‘Agree and continue’

Step 13

Put in your network number and wait for a while to verify the system.

Make sure that the number you provided must is on while you enter it.

When the verification is done, you are good to go to use your GB Whtsapp at your Pc/window.

Step 14

Put a nice picture and edit the name and fulfill other formalities as you have successfully installed GB Whatsapp on your Pc.

Download GB Whatsapp APK for Pc/Window with Nox Player:

If you want to download GB Whatsapp for Pc without bluestacks, do not worry, you have other options. Go for downloading with the help of other emulators like Nox Player. For Nox Player use, follow the following steps, which you need to free download GB Whatsapp for Pc full version.

Step 1:First of all, download the Nox Player app from Google from their official website on your Pc.

Step 2: After the Nox player is downloaded, open it from the C drive or downloaded folder.

Step3: Now run your Nox player.

Step4: Put details of your Gmail account to log in after installation is completed.

Step5: Search GB WhatsApp APK after logging in to Nox Player in the Nox search bar.

Step6: Install GB Whatsapp APAK on emulator Nox Player

Step7: While taking a few minutes, GB Whatsapp APK will install, and you can find it on the home page of Nox Player.

Thus, your GB Whatsapp is ready to be used on your Pc without using bluestacks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is GB Whatsapp able to read the deleted messages?

Yes, if you are using GB Whatsapp, you can easily read the messages which your sender has deleted after sending you. Because GB Whatsapp has this feature, it promptly saves it in a log file once a message is received. If you want to access those messages, you have to go to the settings of GB Whatsapp and open the Log.

Can GB Whatsapp APK be used on the android phone along with Official WhatsApp?

This is a unique feature of GB Whatsapp that you can use not only for Pc/Window but it is also be used on android phones at the same time when you have official WhatsApp on your phone.

Is it safe to use bluesatcks to download GB Whatsapp for Pc/Window?

You can use bluestacks as an emulator to download GB Whatsapp on your Pc/Window without any fear. bluestacks is an efficient and most used emulator among all other emulators.

Which is the best option between GB WhatsApp and simple Whatsapp?

Well, it depends on your priorities because the installation process of both WhatsApp is the same. But GB Whatsapp gives you some more privacy features like certain select persons to include or exclude from your activities, etc., compared to the original WhatsApp.

Shall we have to pay for GB Whatsapp to get all its features?

No, GB Whatsapp is free for all. You don’t need to pay for it. All of its features are already in the free version, which is the only version as no paid version of GB Whatsapp is available.

Bottom Lines:

To summarize the whole discussion, we have discussed what GB Whatsapp APK is and how it is distinguished from regular WhatsApp, and the significant features which differentiate it from the other apps. Now you are capable enough to download GB Whatsapp APK from the internet and install it in your Pc/Window with or without bluestacks. So, go and quickly download it to benefit from all of the fantastic features of GB Whatsapp for Pc/Window.

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