FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version | Anti-Ban 2022 (Official)

FM WhatsApp APK is the latest and modified version of one of the most popular messaging apps; we are talking about WhatsApp messenger! This version can be installed on Android devices. We discern that WhatsApp is the most prevalent messaging app. In the time of 2017, it managed to capture more than 1.5 billion active monthly users. Many mods and a range of knock-off app versions have arrived in the market, but FM WhatsApp is the reliable mod so far.

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Here we have provided you the link to downloading the FM WhatsApp APK Download the latest version anti-ban (official). Try out this modified version and share your feedback with us.

Download FM WhatsApp APK

What is FM Whatsapp download the new version:FM WhatsApp APK

You can either call this latest version Fouad WhatsApp or the name FM WhatsApp. Most importantly, it is developed by an independent developer, FouadMokdad. It has become an everyday practice that people demand more and more from messaging apps. Most importantly, the latest version is stamped and accompanied by lots of customization options. It helps you stalk your friends and folks with ease. Hence, lots of options and features are part of FM WhatsApp APK downloads the latest version for Android.

Application Information:

Version Requirement4.1 Android+
CostFree of Cost
Total Downloads100000+
DeveloperFM Mods
Last Update 1 Day Ago

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Updated Features of FM WhatsApp:

While you enter the process of FM Whatsapp downloading, keep in mind that you will not get banned from the original app. It is marked as the latest anti-ban version. You can use both the original app and the modified app version at the same time. Here we have shared an anti-ban link for you. Click on the link and download the modified app version with no hassle.

Freezing You’re Last Seen:

You can freeze you’re last seen upon using the FM Whatsapp. In the original app version, it only allowed the user to hide the previously seen messages. However, the current and modified version has shown more up-gradation. In addition, you are allowed to stalk and keep an eye on your friends’ activities.

Hiding View Status:

With the arrival of FM Whatsapp, it has become possible for the user to hide view status! Now, you can follow the activities of your friends without making them know about this fact. Like, you can keep on seeing the statuses of your friends and folks, and they will not get notified at all. We know that this feature may sound a little bit creepy enough, but for some of the users; it is pretty cool and exciting. So, time to ghost on your friends’ stories and statues, and no notification will be delivered to them.

Hiding Blue Ticks:

How about hiding blue ticks? Yes, you can do that by using FM Whatsapp! There are many times when you fail to reply to your friend and still see the message. To avoid such situations, it is better to hide the blue ticks. The absence of a blue tick will give this message to your friend that you have not yet seen his message. Furthermore, the hiding of blue ticks removes the overall pressure of responding immediately.

Hiding Typing Action Text And Recording Action Text:

Undoubtedly, the demand for FM Whatsapp is getting higher. For the reason that each one of us wants to get the FM Whatsapp APK download link! With the help of this latest version, you can hide typing action text and recording action text. This feature eliminates the pressure and stress of replying as soon as possible.

Texting A Number without Saved Contact/Contacts:

With the help of FM Whatsapp, it is possible to text a number no matter if it is not there in your contact list. In other words, you can send endless text messages to numbers that are not part of your contact list. Most importantly, this exclusive feature saves a lot of mess and hassle and makes your texting process smoother.

Disabling and Deactivating Forwarded Tags On Text Messages:

If you want to disable or deactivate forwarded tags on text messages, it is possible to perform with the downloading of FM Whatsapp. The original version of this messaging app does not allow you to do so, but here you can do that! Your contacts will no longer be notified that you have sent them a forward message.

Call Blocker- Choosing People Who Can Make A Call To You:

This seems so much exciting! Once you are getting done with FM Whatsapp downloading, you will be given the option to choose the contacts who can call you. You are given complete control now!

Lots of Customization:

The catchy part of FM Whatsapp is that it allows lots of customization options. There is no criterion and no condition to consume old themes. You can bring as much most extraordinary and exciting feel to your messaging app as you possibly can! Furthermore, you can change colors and themes in any manner you want to. In addition, there are many themes, and wallpapers that you can catch up with within this latest version. Moreover, you can explore a vast range collection of fonts. If you feel like changing the interface, you can do it as well.

FM WhatsApp Latest Version APK Download and Installation Process:

We have mentioned a series number of steps for you. Follow them and complete the FM Whatsapp install and downloading process with no hassle.


First of all, you have to think of a backup plan for your messages. It means that while you switch from the original version to the modified version, keep the backup plan of your contacts and messages. Hit on Chat Backup, and all of your text messages and contacts will get saved right there on the cloud storage.


Before you plan to install this FM Whatsapp, you need to enable the option of unknown sources. Go to Settings, click on Security and activate the option of “Unknown Sources.”


The next step is to access your file manager and choose the respective APK file. Hit on the “Install” button, and the process will get started. Finally, click on the done button and feel free to open up the newly installed FM Whatsapp.


As soon as this app is launched and installed on your device, you need to agree to the terms and conditions. Enter the phone number details that you want to link with FM Whatsapp.


Moreover, to get back your old text messages and contact, click on the “Copy WhatsApp Data,” and your backup data will be given to you.


Thus, FM WhatsApp is connected to your device. Feel free to use it, and in case of any confusion, you can contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About FM WhatsApp

Is FMWhatsApp risky or harmful?

No, FM Whatsapp is not at all risky or harmful for your device. You can worry-free keep it on your phone. Furthermore, it is one of the safest app versions that you can get for yourself. So far, no malware problems and any minor issues are caused by it.

What is the latest and newest version of FM WhatsApp?

The latest and newest version of FM Whatsapp is 15.50.0. Keep in the notice that the size of the modified app version is 52.02 MB, and the official name of the package is FmWhatsApp.

Which is better and more ideal, GBWhatsApp or FM WhatsApp?

Both of these applications have their plus and opposing sides. GBWhatsApp is more upgraded and advanced and possesses more exciting features. On the other side, FMWhatsApp is additionally more practical to use. It is more secure and offers you more privacy features.

Who is the developer of FM WhatsApp?

FM Whatsapp is developed by FoudMakkad. He is the one who introduced and thought about launching the modified version of Whatsapp. Individuals have loved using FM Whatsapp, and they wish and expect to see more of the most excellent features.

How to update FMWhatsApp 2022?

The process is simple update FM Whatsapp 2022. Once you have downloaded the respective APK file accompanying the new version of FM Whatsapp, you can install that file on your device. Open up the latest FMWhatsApp version, access the settings, Access Fouad Mods, and click on updates. Once you check the updates and upgrade them, the latest version of FM Whatsapp will arrive in your system.

Bottom Lines:

So, the link is here to get FM WhatsApp APK Download the latest version anti-ban (official)! This link is safe and risk-free to use. As the modified app form is not obtainable on the Google play store, that is primarily we have come up with this APK file. Furthermore, all the features mentioned above may have pushed you convincingly to try out the advanced version of it. If you are already in the boat of using FM Whatsapp, share with us your feedback and experience.

There is no necessity to use the longstanding version of Whatsapp. All the exciting themes, fonts, colors, displays, customization options, and features are eager to welcome you. Jump on this bandwagon and play with FM Whatsapp. We think more of the modified versions of Whatsapp will sooner come into the market. Right now, have FM Whatsapp on your device and enjoy using its features. Protection Status
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