FM WhatsApp APK latest version for Windows/PC

FM WhatsApp APK is the most common mod version of WhatsApp currently being used. There are many mod versions of native WhatsApp. The Native WhatsApp has fewer features as compared to mod versions of WhatsApp. This is the main reason why people prefer the mod versions of WhatsApp to the native WhatsApp. In the Current Era, the most common application used on mobile or Windows is WhatsApp. People use WhatsApp for different purposes such as massaging, voices, and video calls and sending different files such as images, video, and audio. The Official WhatsApp does not allow you to send large files etc.

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Download the Latest Version of FM WhatsApp APK for Windows/PC

People also love to use WhatsApp on their PC and laptops. The reason is very simple. WhatsApp is a safe and sure and easy way of communication. With this, you can make audio and video calls of any length without being paid. People also want to send and receive different lengths of files through WhatsApp. The mod versions allow you to send and receive large files up to 100 MB.

The Native WhatsApp does not allow you to send high-quality videos and images but the modified versions do allow us to do so.

FM WhatsApp APK for Windows/PC – Introduction:FM WhatsApp APK

In the current modern era, massaging is the most important part of our life. We always want to stay in touch with our loved ones. For this purpose, we use to communicate with others through messages. This is the main reason we use different WhatsApp on our PC / laptops. This allows us to free and quick messaging services with those whom we care about. The downloading process of FM WhatsApp for windows is very simple as the downloading and installing process of FM WhatsApp for android. The FM WhatsApp has rich features than the native WhatsApp or other mod versions of WhatsApp like blue WhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp. You can also download the latest version of FM WhatsApp for Andriod.

Currently, the FM WhatsApp is the best mod WhatsApp available in the market. People love the FM WhatsApp due to its rich features and easy interface and easy way of using it. also, check WhatsApp will stop working on these phones from 2022 Check the full list here

Now one of the big questions is why people use WhatsApp on their desktop or laptop when they use it on android? The answer is very simple a lot of people are working in different offices where they use desktops or laptops for their office work. They cannot use their android every time while using the PC or laptop. To communicate with their colleagues and family members using WhatsApp then they have to install WhatsApp on their desktop or laptop. You can check the 18 best WhatsApp APK

Application Information:

Version Requirement4.1 Android+
CostFree of Cost
Total Downloads100000+
DeveloperFM Mods
Last Update 1 Day Ago

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Features of FM WhatsApp for Windows/PC

FM WhatsApp is one of the top WhatsApp mods available in the market. The reason for the success of FM WhatsApp is very simple. FM WhatsApp has many advances and updated features which the native does not have. Due to its rich collection of features, the public demand for FM WhatsApp APK for Android as well as for the window is increasing day by day. Here are complete details of FM WhatsApp features for Windows and PC.

Sending Video Files:

The official WhatsApp does not allow you to send large-size videos through WhatsApp but FM WhatsApp allows you to send Video files up to I GB.

Formation of Groups: 

You can add much more members to a chat group through FM WhatsApp.

Security and privacy:

FM WhatsApp APK provides full proof of security and privacy.

Hiding Feature:

If you are using FM WhatsApp APK then you can hide the following.

  1. Last seenBlue tick
  2. Online
  3. Typing
  4. View status


Emoji collection is one of the major parts of advanced chatting. The native WhatsApp does not provide you with a lot of emojis but the FM WhatsApp has a collection of over 100 emojis in its emojis collection.

Apart from this FMWhatsApp APK has much more features and a new collection of different things for the satisfaction of the user.

Here is the list of a few Additional Features of FM WhatsApp 2022

  • Copy text status
  • Download videos status
  • High privacy and security
  • Set stories on Instagram
  • App lock

Comparison between the FM WhatsApp and official WhatsApp

Key FeaturesFM WhatsApp Official WhatsApp
Hide Online Status YesNo
Media Sharing50 MB15 MB
Backup to Google DriveNoYes
Fast UpdatesNoYes
Custom ThemesYesNo
Anti-Delete Status/StoriesYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Airplane ModeYesNo
Security LockYesNo
Disable Forwarded TagYesNo
Disable CallingYesNo

How to download and Install the FM WhatsApp APK on desktop or laptop

The downloading and installing process of FM WhatsApp is very simple. You can download and install FM WhatsApp on your android or PC in just a few steps. These steps are

  • First of all, you need you to have to install the latest and updated version of the blue stack android emulator on your computer. You can download the best blue stack emulator from the blue stack official website.
  • After completion of installation open the android emulator and log in to the google play store ID and click on the settings.
  • Download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from this link and save it in your system. Open the folder where you have to save the APK file and double-click on it to install it properly.
  • Wait for a few minutes while App is being installed. Once it is installed in your system open the blue emulator and click on the newly installed app and click on the FM WhatsApp.
  • After clicking the FM WhatsApp just allow the necessary permissions for the app to work properly.
  • All set and FM WhatsApp APK is fully installed on your desktop/laptop. Enjoy the WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts:

Well if someone is looking for the best current WhatsApp messenger. FM WhatsApp will be surly his/her answer. FM WhatsApp is the best mod WhatsApp available in the market right now. We would like to recommend you the FM WhatsApp even for your primary account. In case of any questions, you can just comment to us below. Protection Status
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