FM WhatsApp APK for android latest Version 2022

WhatsApp is the source of communication through sharing videos, stories, voice notes, calls, meetings, and messages. WhatsApp updated its features as the most used app as FM WhatsApp APK downloads the latest version for Android on public demand. It has somehow similar features to other versions. Still, Its new unique features provide extra privacy functions and secure chatting with randoms or strangers, not available in the original WhatsApp app. 

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Download FM WhatsApp APK for android

FM WhatsApp APK doesn’t demand any investment to download it. You can download it through many sources we will explain below and you can enjoy its new unique features.  Excited to try the new feature! Download the latest FM WhatsApp version through the guidelines we are going to share in the article. Developers updated the new version of WhatsApp as FM WhatsApp’s latest version based on users. The latest APK version comes with inspiring features related to privacy controls in chatting and sending pictures, like once you share a story on WhatsApp in private chat; it disappears after a single seen. Download the latest updated version of Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK

What is FM WhatsApp APK for android?FM WhatsApp APK

Fouad Mod developed FM WhatsApp as the latest apk version of WhatsApp. For excellent experiences and visuals, people drive towards APK versions. To enjoy FM WhatsApp’s valuable features, you should install it from the third-party web because its features are unavailable in the original version and play store. People like to prefer changes in the app they are using. You are going to be obsessed with FM WhatsApp, now available in the market. Download the key Features of BGMI Hack Mod APK

FM WhatsApp’s latest version allows users to hide they’re last seen; you can customize the color theme, fix the green layout, online status, and thousands of other options for satisfaction. This modified version’s sole purpose is to provide customized and secured features to users. Download FM WhatsApp APK downloads the latest version for Android

Application Information:

Version Requirement4.1 Android+
CostFree of Cost
Total Downloads100000+
DeveloperFM Mods
Last Update 1 Day Ago

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Top features of FM WhatsApp Apk:

Let’s explore the top features of FM WhatsApp’s new version. How it’s going to be more helpful than the ordinary version? The Key features of Download Bgmi Mod APK

Calls And Status

Download FM WhatsApp to hide status while using the app. You can creep through stories, messages, and other person’s calls without letting them know. Seen zoning due for many reasons leads to breakups in friends and relatives. Hiding the blue ticks and status view features will sort many problems of conversation. Secondly, you can also hide text typing and long recording indicators to avoid embarrassment because it’s time-consuming to type or record. 

Also, you can customize the list of contacts who can call you through FM WhatsApp’s latest version. From such a feature, you can neglect an annoying person’s voice. 


The ordinary WhatsApp version lacks options like the message of a person without adding his number. Through the FM WhatsApp apk, you can text or message anyone without adding its number to your contact list. This feature is a good fit for introverts who don’t like to make friends. 

Also, you can disclose the forward message tags. You can now show yourself as an original frame towards others’ thoughts. Show some savage with such mesmerizing feature only available in the APK version of FM WhatsApp.

Customize the app

People get bored remaining stuck to one thing. They require a change every moment, so the developer replaced the native WhatsApp feature with an FM WhatsApp customization feature to change the layout with the favorite color of the app. You can change icons, colors, and graphics as well. 


Privacy is the main feature of every successful app. Like, everyone likes to use such an app with strong privacy features. The original version of WhatsApp is not secure too much. The new APK version allows users to deactivate calls, blue ticks, they can off last seen, and double ticks even without replying. The other person can’t point you out for seen zones or neglect. The new version secures your data and keeps it private if you lock App.

Anti-Delete messages and status:

You can see your friend’s story and status removed and deleted, even after two hours of deleted time frame. You can easily laugh at the embarrassing messages sent by your friends and get deleted immediately. It exposes the other person’s thoughts in anger, and you may get a chance to disclose deleted messages to your friends or anyone so that you may get a chance to bite behind. 


You can send a couple of messages to more than 600 people at a time and even share images that exceeded the limits of the ordinary WhatsApp version. 

Dark mode

The dark mode is the common feature and surprisingly has high demands for people having high light intensity issues. FM WhatsApp dark mode makes it convenient to use the app without using obstacles.

Additional Features Of FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version 2022:

Here are the surprising features of FM WhatsApp.

• The image customization feature allows putting images as wallpaper in text or out of the text. However, you can design the interior of groups through pics.

• Protect your private data through FM WhatsApp pattern password. It also prevents your data from getting saved in mobile media.

• However, you can avoid calls, texts, and other stuff from an annoying person through the do not disturb feature installed in the FM WhatsApp version.

• More access to emojis, bitmojis, and gifs. Add cover images and graphics to WhatsApp.

• Send high-quality pictures, videos, and documents to loved ones. 

• The problem of DP gets solved like, whenever you put an image as a DP and open it, it becomes blurring and cracked. FM WhatsApp’s updated version shows the DP as clean as before, putting it as a profile image. 

How to install & download the FM WhatsApp APK

You can install APK FM WhatsApp through a third-party source with the help of the installation and downloading procedures given below: 

For downloading file

  1. Store data before deleting the original version, or you can also download the APK version having the original app present on mobile before. Go to the main menu of mobile and enable the unknown sources option to download the app through the third-party web.
  2. Visit Google and search for the FM WhatsApp APK. 
  3. Open any webpage and download the file through the link given on the webpage.

For installing files: 

  1. The bar will get open; you have to click on the install or configure button on the downright side of the bar.
  2. It takes 5 minutes maximum for the installation process. 
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and paste the copied data, including backup data.
  4. Then you can see in the settings your WhatsApp gets updated as FM WhatsApp.
  5. Enjoy the mesmerizing FM WhatsApp app. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I download the latest version of FM WhatsApp?

To download the FM WhatsApp 14.1 version. Go for secure websites with a high number of ratings. It will be safe to download the Fouad Mod apk version of WhatsApp without facing any scam and virus issues.

Difference between GB WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp? Which is a good fit?

Both applications have distinguished features like FM WhatsApp is more favorable towards security and privacy. However, GB WhatsApp shows some advancement in its features as it sounds amended towards the present features of the original WhatsApp. While FM WhatsApp is a customizable APK version. 

Is there any method to update the APK FM WhatsApp version?

Yes, you can update FM WhatsApp. Downloading the APK apps has different methods they don’t show any notifications regarding updates. You have to check or keep visiting the web pages repeatedly in case of updating the app. 

Is using FM WhatsApp restrict the original WhatsApp account? 

No, the account will remain the same whether you use it on any APK mod of WhatsApp or the WhatsApp app itself. Even your account will remain safe and sound if you use it on both sides at a time.

Is there any chance of using both the Whatsapp app and  FM WhatsApp together?

Yes, you can use both at a time on the condition of having two different numbers. At the time, one number can’t work for both accounts. Your account will get stuck if you try to let it function twice.  

Bottom Lines:

FM WhatsApp messaging app is developed on the public taste, pushing towards new themes and features. This new APK WhatsApp version lets you customize WhatsApp themes, color, graphics, and interiors according to everyone’s demand. Send secure colorful messages to loved one’s through different font features and private data by locking the app. This mod of version comes with protective features, highly demanding in such cyberbullying societies and scams. Flex towards new enjoyable secure FM WhatsApp APK downloads the latest version for Android. Protection Status
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