Fishing Strike MOD APK Download 2022 [Unlimited Gems/Money]

Fishing Strike APK Latest Version. Underwater exploration brings people to color. Seeing colorful coral fish can be very mysterious and beautiful. You can create natural wonders that are not on land here. And for those who love fishing, this experience will be unforgettable. They will make an experienced fisherman and learn how to catch big fish.

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It comes with a strike. For fishing fans, it is nice to be able to go fishing on the weekends. But not everyone can do this because they live in a city and are busy. It is hard to go fishing at a faraway destination. But if you have a phone, you can play realistic games on your phone that are like those you play on a computer. In this post, we will talk about Fishing Strike, one of the few quality games for anglers on Google Play. We will tell you why you should choose this game over the others.

Fishing Strike MOD APK Introduction:Fishing Strike MOD APK

In this game called Fishing Strike, you will enjoy a realistic fishing experience. You will play through the exciting stages and levels. You can set your goal to catching epic fishes such as giant White Sharks, Giant Whales, etc. Explore the realm under the water and catch all of them that you want! Keep them in your tank and build your unique aquarium. Also, Check Iron Blade Medieval Legends RPG MOD APK

Download Fishing Strike MOD APK File:

Fishing Strike Mod APK – Application Information:

App NameFishing Strike MOD APK
Size220 MB
Developed ByNetmarble
Requirement4.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads10,000,000+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesMore Damage, MOD Unlocked
Last Update3 Days Ago

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Key Features Fishing Strike MOD APK

The creators of Net marble were very ambitious and determined to create a new fishing game that people can enjoy on their smartphones. Here you will find all of the features that it has to offer. Find out more about this amazing game here. Now Check the Features of Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK

Put your angling skills to the test

Fishing Strike is like a game with lots of realistic elements. The player can get excited about the controls. There are many different professional gears and accessories that they can use to make catches. They also learn about fishing by using accurate controls. From choosing the correct baits, selecting a suitable fishing spot, to learning how to deal with certain fishes using their techniques.

Upgradable and customizable items

In this game, you can choose from a lot of different gear. For some fish, you need to have the best gear. There are a lot of ways to upgrade your items so that they can help fight against difficult fish.

A close look under the water

In Fishing Strike, you will have the chance to explore the great world underwater. You can learn about different fishes in different types of water and watch them up close. This is possible with the fishing interface in Fishing Strike! You won’t have to wait for hours on end to get a good fish. Instead, you can try and lure the one you want by using your bait.

Battle against the monster fishes in intensive fights

The fish is the opponent. The fish wants to escape. You need to wear it down before you can catch it by using your skills and abilities. If you lose your grip (on the fishing rod) or use too much pressure on the fishing rod, there is a chance that the fish will get away from you.

Travel to the most stunning fishing destinations from all over the world

This game has a huge map for people to travel on. You can enjoy fish in different places. And there are lots of fish that only live in certain places in the world. Collect all these fish and put them in your collection.

Keep your fish in a huge tank

Fishing Strike is an app that you can use to catch fish. You can keep captured fish in a tank. There are 500 different kinds of fish and you might need more tanks if the size and numbers of your fish change.

Record your activities or epic catches

People who love taking notes of their trip and recording every bit of what they do will find that this game lets them record their fishing activities with simple commands. They can save the video to watch later. Or they can replay it immediately if they want to see what they did again right away. It is even possible to record the video with sound, so it is more like you are there yourself – if you want to show your videos to someone else.

Enjoy the game in VR and AR

VR and AR help you enjoy the game in a better way. The VR makes it seem like you are underwater. VR and AR make your experience better.

Free to play

The game is free to play and can be downloaded on There are some in-app purchases and ads that might bother you, but the game is still free.

Visual and sound quality


You will not find any other game with the same graphics as Fishing Strike. These are the best graphics for fishing games. You can see how detailed these fishes are and all of their unique colors. And nature is incredible.


The sound in the game is good. Players will feel like they are fishing when they play because of how accurate it sounds in the game.

Keep Your Fish in A Huge Tank

There are more than 500 different types of fish. You need a place to keep them. In Fishing Strike MOD APK, you can have an extra tank for your fish, depending on how many there are and the size of the tank.

Tapping the Goldfish

If you tap on the goldfish, you will get unlimited gems and coins. But the strike mod apk is different. The difference is that in this mod apk, players can tap on other gamers’ pools of gems and coins.

How to Install Fishing Strike MOD APK on Android?

First of all, make sure to delete any previous versions of this game installed on your device. Then go to settings and click security. Enable the unknown sources.

  • Click on this button to download.
  • Wait until the download is done. Then open it to check if it worked.
  • Install the app on your android device.
  • Follow the instructions on the inside.
  • Once you install this app and then start it. You’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing features that it has.

How to Install Fishing Strike MOD APK on PC?

It’s easy to find the Fishing Strike MOD APK on a PC. You can use Bluestacks or NOX player to do so. Here is how:

  • First, you need to download and install the Bluestacks player on your computer. This is a program that emulates the android operating system and you can use it to run any mobile app on your computer.
  • Install the emulator first. Then you can download the mod apk from our site.
  • After downloading the file, you need to click “Import from Windows” if you want it installed.
  • When you install it, click on the launch button and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing Strike MOD APK

How to earn more Action Points?

As you may know, action points are important in multiplayer battles. You can increase your action points by doing different things. There are many different ways to do this.

  • The skill for boats will change your action points by 20 percent.
  • Upgrade your boat parts and make them better.
  • You can use the fishing skill by casting it at the right time.
  • Don’t miss your opportunity to buy this house.
  • Upgrade your equipment. It can do more damage and it can do a critical hit.
  • Upgrade your fishing boat. You will get more damage per skill and fishing mastery points.

How to Catch Legendary Fish?

You can’t be a legendary fisherman if you don’t catch any legendary fish. Legendary fish only live on special stages in this game. They are hard to find at regular times. You should take any chance you get to catch these rare fish. For example, when you get to Virginia Quay in Florida, the first bite will be by a legendary creature, and keep that creature in your tank until it reaches its full potential. When it does, you will get an Angler Chest. If you want to get a Master Angler License, you need the right equipment

Final Thoughts:

Fishing Strike MOD is a game that people will play. You can show off your fishing abilities shortly. I hope this game will be fun for people who enjoy fishing and also help them relax after they have had to work hard or go to school.

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