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Making free video calls and sending different types of videos and images using the internet in androids people are always in search of the best one. Some of the video and calling applications provide you with some minutes or allow you to send limited videos and images for free. But In the current era, many such applications are also available which allow you to send unlimited high-quality images and do different unlimited video calls without charging you anything. But using such applications is also not free of risk to you. There is a common term that is used everywhere nothing is free. If you are not paying for anything then you are the customer. That’s why people are always in search of the best free application which also enables.

Download blue WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2022 APK

top-level privacy and security for the data they share on such applications. But some applications are tested and proven to be the best in terms of their privacy and security. Blue WhatsApp is an excellent and proven tested application with an advanced level of security features. Today in this article we are going through the different features and other functions that the Blue WhatsApp application poses.

What Is Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Blue WhatsApp is an advanced version of the official WhatsApp application having advanced features and containing the features that the original WhatsApp application has. Blue WhatsApp is developed by Rafalete a well-known developer. Blue WhatsApp plus has much more than a user is thinking.

Blue WhatsApp Plus New Version Pros and Cons:

"Save to Gallery” this option will be available when media visibility is turned offopen widgets without an App lock
Know immediately when people watch your WhatsApp statuscreates Problems in phone calling and WhatsApp calling
In- App translation addedVoice note recording bug in sometimes
Contact profiles are more users friendly
In-app translations App stop working without internet
Enable disappears messages more option (24 hours,7 days, or 90 days)View all messages does not work sometimes
switch between in-app translation and WhatsApp transition
Many other bugs fix and improve
save more space by deleting old backups
See Total number of messages on The message screen

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK – App Information:

Application NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
File Size2.60 MB
Available Google Play Store
Last Update2 days ago

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A user is always in search of the best. In the current era if you are looking for the best-modified version of the official WhatsApp application then Blue WhatsApp plus should your first choice. Because blue WhatsApp has a big collection of themes with a beautiful interface. Blue WhatsApp APK’s latest version for 2022 for android has many advanced-level features. 2012 was the year when the first-time Rafalete developed the blue WhatsApp plus application. Since its development WhatsApp plus has become one of the most popular WhatsApp mods. 

Whenever you tell someone about a new application one question comes to mind where to download the application and how to install this application on our android. In this case, if you are also worried about this problem then don’t worry. You can download the new version of blue WhatsApp plus APK for 2022 for your android from the link given above and also from the link given at the end of the article. To install the application you need to follow the instructions given below in this article.

You can check the application information for the new version of blue WhatsApp APK for your android and also phone requirements to install the Blue WhatsApp plus application on your phone to work properly.

Application NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
File Size2.60 MB
Available Google Play Store
Last Update2 days ago

Key Features of blue WhatsApp plus 2022

Explaining the Key features of the blue WhatsApp plus to you is our main purpose. Ley discusses the key features of blue WhatsApp plus one by one

Advanced Customization:

Customizing an application can be a tricky challenge if you do not have information regarding that application. But the customization of blue WhatsApp is very easy and anyone can do it at their fingertips. You can change the background images, launcher icon and set notification icon, etc.

Collection of new emojis:

It was a time no one even knew about emojis but the trend has changed now. If you are chatting with some either on messenger or WhatsApp? Then the use of emojis’s an important part of the chat. The official WhatsApp has a limited emoji collection but the blue WhatsApp has a collection of over 100 new and old emojis.

Group Chat:

Adding much more members to a group is also yet another important feature of the blue WhatsApp plus. Here you can add more than 250 members to one group.


Sharing large-size files or high-quality images and videos is a big problem the user faces. Blue WhatsApp plus the new version enables you to send and receive large files and also high-quality images and videos. Even you can select the quality of images before sending the images to another one.

Privacy and Security:

With the changing privacy policy of the official WhatsApp application, privacy and security are the very important and essential parts of any WhatsApp mod. The Blue WhatsApp plus does provide you 100% privacy level and also 100% of security level to its users.

Additional Features of blue WhatsApp plus APK

  • Some additional features added for this version are listed below.
  • Different stickers and sticker markers
  • Inbuilt cache cleaner
  • Collection of Wallpapers
  • Set a custom auto-reply
  • Additional themes and fonts
  • Chat screen customization
  • Share images with original quality
  • Status lasting enhances up to 7 minutes
  • Set fingerprint or pattern to lock WhatsApp
  • Enable you to record screen

Additional privacies for the Latest Version:

  • You can hide your
  • Online Status
  • View Status
  • Bluetick
  • Recordings
  • Microphone

Advantages of using Blue WhatsApp plus APK

If you are using the new version of blue WhatsApp plus APK then you will get the following advantages.

Hide Online Status:

Hiding online is status is a very useful feature to have. It means other people won’t be able to see you online once you were active in this feature. This feature also helps you hide your online activities if you are not willing to share them with others

Hide online blue ticks:

Whenever we sent a message to anyone and when the other person reads our message two blue tickets appear which is an indication of the message is delivered and also read by the other person. But sometimes we don’t want to show the blue tickets even after reading the message. The official WhatsApp application does not have such a feature to hide the blue tickets but the latest version of Blue WhatsApp plus has.


It is very hard to delete unwanted messages, chats, and other unwanted things one by one. Blue WhatsApp application does provide you with a cleaner tool to perform such action once you enable this tool.


Every android cell phone is a collection of Wallpaper but with the increasing use of WhatsApp, the users also need new Wallpaper in the collection. Blue WhatsApp application has a big collection of downloadable Wallpaper.


Replying to others is as important as anything but sometimes due to some busy schedules, we may not be able to reply to others within the time. For this purpose, the user of blue WhatsApp can use the auto-reply function to reply the important messages.


The Official WhatsApp application does not allow sending large-size files and also high-quality images and HD videos. With the help of the Blue WhatsApp plus application, the user can send large-size files up to 30 MB and also can send high-quality and HD video files with others.


This was not a big cause of worry before the new Official WhatsApp privacy policy. But after that policy, this is also one of the major of worry. The Blue WhatsApp plus Application provides you 100% privacy policy and also 100% security.

Fonts and Styles:

The users always need some different styles and different fonts to have in their collection and blue WhatsApp plus have such things in it.


Blue WhatsApp plus has some exceptional features and everyone who is using this application may have fallen in love with this. Blue WhatsApp plus was always free to use without any fear but you may ask what is fear here? Let me explain now those days have gone when blue WhatsApp plus was an anti-ban application. The major drawback of the blue WhatsApp plus is the chance of being banned.

Downloading and Installation guide:

First of all, you need to download the updated and new version of the blue WhatsApp plus application from the link given above and below. After downloading the Blue WhatsApp plus you need to follow the following steps.

Installation Guide:

This area is especially for those who do not know how to install the updated version of Blue WhatsApp APK on their android. We will provide you the complete details of installing the WhatsApp plus on your android set by step. So read the instructions carefully.

First of all, you need to locate the downloaded file on your android mobile and after that click on install the application.

You need to enable the “Unknown resources” in settings.

Final Verdicts:

At the end of this article let me tell you that Blue WhatsApp plus updated and new version 2022 is for general use and educational purpose only. I must say you not should use this app as your primary number because it has the chance of getting banned. Download the updated and new version of the blue WhatsApp plus application for 2022 from the download icon given below. Protection Status