BGMI MOD APK Latest Version V2.1.0 (Unlimited UC/Money)

Battlegrounds Mobile India Known as BGMI is a free-to-play online multiplayer game that is available on android and iOS devices. This game was developed by the famous Indian gaming company Gameloft. BGMI mod apk is a popular game that will help you play bgmi without any issues. The game is developed by the bgmi team and is one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store. The game is now available on all Android devices with 1.5 GB RAM and above. bgmi mod apk is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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BGMI MOD APK – Application information:

File NameBGMI Mod APK
File Size170 MB
Current Versionlatest
Required5.0 +
DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc.
Get it OnGoogle Play store
Latest Update3 days ago


Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK is a free-to-play game that can play with friends. It also offers different game modes like team play, solo, king of the hill, and free for all. You can also earn gems as you play. Gems are used to buy items that you can use in the game. You can also earn more gems by playing different modes.

The best part of this game is that you can customize the characters and weapons. So, you can choose what kind of weapon you want to use. If you want to use the sniper rifle, then you can do that. You can also customize your character’s appearance, including skin color, hair color, eyes, etc. The game is really fun to play.

Download BGMI MOD APK File:

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BGMI Mod APK is a modded version of the game. This mod allows you to get unlimited UC in-game. You can also buy any item without any problem. You can even get No Recoil while firing a gun in-game. You can easily kill your enemies without any skills. If you are playing Minecraft on mobile or PC, then this mod is for you. It gives you the ability to see where your enemies are. It also allows you to see the location of your character. download BGMI Hack Mod APK

Features Of Bgmi Mod APK:BGMI MOD APK

Bgmi mod apk is a very popular and resourceful application that allows you to play the game without any issues. You can download and install it easily and it is available for free. you can check the features of Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod APK

Bullet Tracking Hack:

This is a great hack that allows you to track your opponent from any distance. You can do it with your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This feature is designed to make it easier to target enemies who plan to attack you from behind or sideways. You can use this feature to quickly move away from enemies who are trying to attack you.

Download: Bgmi Mod APK latest Version And Obb File.

Realistic Graphics:BGMI MOD APK

We have been in the game development industry for more than 6 years. We have designed, developed, and published many mobile games. We have optimized our games for different android devices and have developed them for different platforms. We have also designed and developed games for Facebook, Apple, and Google Play.

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Lots of Weapons:BGMI MOD APK

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Amazing Maps:BGMI MOD APK

There are over 50 maps in total in the game. I’m not sure how many of them are available in the game now but I have played all of them. I love playing maps with snow because it adds more to the gameplay and it’s fun to see what happens when you meet another player on a snowy map. You can play any map from your collection in this match.

Customizable Controls:

The controls for this game are customizable. You can change the controls according to your preferences. For example, you can adjust the sensitivity of the controls to increase or decrease the difficulty level.

Customize Your Character:

In the game, there are a variety of items and clothing available for purchase, as well as items that can be earned through gameplay. Mythic and legendary outfits are the costumes that heroes wear in myths and legends. They are often associated with magic, sorcery, and supernatural powers.

Weapon and Vehicle Skins:BGMI MOD APK

Weapon and vehicle skins have been a great feature of this game for quite a while now. I am a huge fan of theirs and have been working on the new content for a long time. They are a great way to personalize your game experience. A: I agree with @sampson, but I’d like to add one more thing: You should make sure that you’ve made a plan for how you’re going to teach and learn.


I am an artist and I am also a programmer. Love playing games and creating them. I have created an engine that allows me to play and create games that would normally not be possible on mobile devices. I have a passion for creating new games and making them the best they can be.


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No Fog and No Grass:

I’ve been working on my own mobile game for a while, and I wanted to make something where I could play with my friends. So I made my version of a snake game, but with no fog, no grass, and no monsters. It is a very dangerous situation and it can be avoided by using this hack apk version of bgmi.

360 Degree Vision:

In the game, you will have to use this hack so you can see everything around you and be able to see your enemy.


BGMI is the most popular mobile game of all time, so there’s no reason not to try it out. It’s free to download, so why not take a chance on it? This game has over 100 million players worldwide. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining game that’s easy to play and has a lot of content, then you’ve found it. If you’re interested in playing a game that is both challenging and rewarding, then this game is perfect for you. This UC will allow you to purchase all of the hidden and visible special items of this game with this money.

Unlimited BP:

In this modded version of bgmi, you will get unlimited Battle Points or BPs. You can use these to buy anything in the store and open any box. These are used to reward members who have earned them.


Aimbot is an in-game feature that allows you to aim at your enemies while shooting them. When you press the button, you will see a target on your screen. As soon as the target appears, you will automatically shoot your enemies. You will also see a green indicator on the top left corner of the screen. The green indicator will help you determine if you are on target or not.

The bgmi mod apk is a file that you can download from the internet and use to play the game. The installation process is straightforward. You just need to download the file and follow the instructions.

How to Download and Install BGMI MOD APK For Android and iOS Users:

  • Click here to download. You don’t need to unlock anything in the BGMI MOD APK. You can download it with the click of a button.
  • The button will take you to another page that says ‘Loading’
  • On your mobile device, start tapping the file manager to get into your download folder. Once there, make sure you create a new folder called “downloads.” Now go to that directory and tap your installer icon.
  • If the app gives you an error message and you need to go to Settings, ensure that you give all permissions (including one that reads “install from unknown sources”). After tapping on the file in Downloads, install it.
  • Next, unzip the contents of the .rar archive and copy them over to your Android/OBB file.
  • After installing the enterprise edition you can use it with all features enabled.

How to Download and Install BGMI MOD APK For Windows PC and Macbook:

You can now download and install the mod by opening your apk file directly from Bluestacks or any other Android Emulator

  • The best Android emulator is Bluestacks, which you can download from their official website and install on your computer.
  • For a modded APK, visit the following website: that, download the emulator and install it. Then run the emulator and log in with your Google account to gain access to the package installer.
  • From the main mod page, locate the application you downloaded from our website:
  • Now you need to hit the install button so that you can install it on your PC. Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the premium features at no cost

Battlegrounds Mobile India – FAQ:

What is BGMI Mod APK?

BGMI Mod APK is a survival game that is a battle royale game where all the players are stranded on a deserted island and have to fight for resources. You can play this game by yourself or with friends in multiplayer mode. The game has different modes such as daily challenge, daily hunt, team fight, and many more.

How do I download BGMI no recoil?

BGMI no recoil is a hack version of BGMI mod apk. It is available for free, but you need to be able to root your device.

Can we hack BGMI without a ban?

This hack apk provides you with unlimited coins, UC, track, wallhack, and much more. This app is designed for those who want to play the best free games on their mobile devices. The list of games we’ve picked for our users includes Action, Arcade, Puzzle, Sports, Strategy, Kids, Brain, Music, and many others.


You will be able to access all of these features once you install the hack tool. So, the best thing about this hack tool is that it is very easy to use and will make your gaming experience even better.

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